Television: Addiction

Today we find televisions in each and every house, not only houses but in huts also, people who work on a daily basis also, have a television in their house. Frankly speaking television has become a need; such a need that people can’t do without it. People from all walks of life watch television, a business man for business related issues and news, some for information and others for entertainment.

People who have nothing to do also watch television and there are people who have made television their profession. But most of the time and in most of the places we find people, engaged watching television and doing nothing else. People have forgotten relations in the addiction of television. Earlier when back home people used to sit together with the family share with them good and bad, spend time with them. This used to bring together people and strengthen their relations.

Now every ones back home from work and are looking for what? Remote, this has not only destroyed relations in the family but have created new problems, guess how children want to see cartoon, husband wants to see cricket wife wants to see, reality shows and there starts the fight. What was meant to be a source of entertainment for people has now become an addiction to the people. Right from children to the elders.

The fault is not with the, television it was meant for entertainment and relaxation so that we can reduce our stress levels, have a good dose of entertainment and carry on with our life. But neglecting human relations and giving priority to television is not a good thing to do. When home instead of spending time with TV while eating, and at leisure, it will be good for us, and it is also our duty to spend qualitative time with family members.
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