Indian Companies from different sectors helping Startups to grow in this pandemic

Budget Reaction for Startups_Quotes by Industry Experts

At this time when the entire world is slumped by a COVID-19 pandemic, safety measures are taken worldwide and social distancing are hampering businesses. Startups have experienced huge impacts no matter how established they are. This is prompting them to re-look at their business strategies and different ways to maintain the steady growth of their Business.

While everyone is talking about the economic slowdown and financial setbacks, there are startups who have seen a surge in numbers with the by changing their business and marketing strategies and with the help of associating with different brands.

AdTech Marketing strategy – Promodome

Promodome is a full-service Advertising Agency based in Delhi. driven by two principal strengths: Creative and Media. Promodome helped startups to change their marketing strategy and grow their business even at the times of COVID-19. Promodome Communications is driven by a team of highly dedicated professionals with years of experience behind them in growing and nurturing brands.

Contactless Payment – DOTpe

A technology startup, DotPe provides neo digital transformation and commerce solutions to restaurants and F&B brands. By offering its QR code & WhatsApp based SCAN-ORDER-PAY solution, direct communication & digital ordering management technology to them, it can assist food courts to ensure streamlined business operations while following the social distancing norms and make customers feel safe through minimal human touch while ordering and settling the bill. Dotpe enables offline merchants/retailers to digitise their store in a matter of a few minutes and start accepting contactless orders.

C2B Data Marketplace – Aiisma

Aiisma, India’s first C2B data marketplace, rewards the users for exchanging anonymous data. In sync with the government’s mission of #AatmaNirbharBharat, AIISMA as a startup, is enabling 50 start-ups & SMEs to revive and stay relevant. C2B data marketplace is working towards reviving the local start-ups and SMEs hit by Covid-19. It is offering tech support, access to AiiAds&Aiisma Marketplace.

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Conversational AI – Chatbot – Ori

Ori is a start-up that makes multilingual conversational chatbots. Covid19 has completely changed the working model of the businesses, now people can only connect virtually for sales and customer support which is the key for growth in business as it develops user’s trust toward the brand. Ori’s platform uses real-time insights and cues to help users improve their experience across calls, Emails, Conversations Over Chat. Several MSMEs were badly affected and in need of a quick, cheap solution. ORI created a simple solution, on Whatsapp, without any upfront charges to increase adoption and let MSMEs leverage the power of automation