Building Intelligent Healthcare Analytics for Healthcare Professionals…

Building Intelligent Healthcare Analytics for Healthcare Professionals...

FORE School of Management in association with BRICS – Chamber of Commerce & Industry is offering free training on Building Intelligent Healthcare Analytics for Healthcare Professionals. During the distressing times of the pandemic, the institution recognizes its responsibility towards aiding the efforts to the best of its capabilities.

Free 3 Months of training to Healthcare Professionals on Data Analytics
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“Covid-19 exposed the need for timely response on the vast data that is generated from this global pandemic but lack of enough skilled professionals in the field of Data Science has been a challenge. This type of systematic review with meta-analysis is the need of the hour and as a social responsibility, we at FORE wanted to contribute to this by introducing a free training to empower professionals with required skills”, said Dr. Jitendra K. Das, Director of FORE School.

“The huge amount of data generated from this global pandemic is probably not getting analysed the way it should have been, for data driven decision making. More than forty thousand records of articles’ metadata were collected just from Scopus, PubMed during 2019 to 2020. Those data were extracted by using techniques of Python Web Scraping and Pandas Data Wrangling”, as stated by the trainers of the programme including Prof. Vinaytosh Mishra, Prof. Ashok Kumar Harnal and Medical Doctors from Healthcare Analytics Domain. Prof. Vinaytosh Mishra is a Doctorate from IIT BHU and has 10+ years of experience in IT, Financial Services, Manufacturing etc. He has worked with renowned companies including Jindal ISPAT, Rosenthal India, FIITJEE Edusoft, etc. He has also served as a founding team member for start-ups in healthcare, pharmaceuticals and IT. Prof. Ashok Kumar Harnal is a Graduate from IIT Delhi in Electronics and Communication. He is an expert in Big Data, Data Analytics and Deep Learning, from both the Technology and Analytics side.

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The training duration will be of 3 months on Saturdays and Sundays. It will include sessions from research scholars from the field of medical sciences and doctors, having hands-on experience. Extensive case-studies will be undertaken from real-world patient data. The programme will hold workshops besides regular classes, where participants are expected to ideate. Extensive use of technologies will be put to use for trainers to garner the experience of 2000+ Hrs of teaching.

The programme shall focus on introducing Machine Learning, Data Visualization, handling imbalanced data – SMOTE, ADASYN & other methods, Dimensionality Reduction, Supervised learning Techniques for classification, and hyper-parameter optimisation techniques and interpreting machine-learning models. Deep learning with convolution neural networks, recurrent neural networks, natural language processing, experimenting with the tensor board, and many more.

The 3 months free training on “Building Intelligent Healthcare Analytics” to Healthcare Professionals, Life-Science Professionals and Data scientists shall commence from 19th June 2021. It is a completely hands-on interactive live online training programme on Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The last date of registration for the course is 15th June 2021 and can be done by sending an email at
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