City based Grace Cancer Foundation to host the 3rd edition of ‘Grace Cancer Run’, across the globe, on October 10th!

cancer run oct 10

The third edition of the ‘Grace Cancer Run’ with the theme, ‘Beat Cancer, Beyond COVID 19’, is being organised across the globe, by the city-based Grace Cancer Foundation on October 10th, 2020. A virtual run is being hosted To beat the unprecedented times the world is witnessing because of the all-pervading COVID 19 fear. The virtual run enables to reach the early Cancer detection and prevention message to a significantly large population in every nook and corner of the globe, a possibility hitherto unimaginable. The details of the Grace Cancer Run was announced by Shri. V.C. Sajjanar, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad; Shri. Ajay Misra, IAS (Retd.), Former Special Chief Secretary, Government of Telangana; Shri. B.L. Sujatha Rao, IPS (Retd.), Former IG and Chairman, Grace Cancer Foundation; Ms. Shilpa Reddy, Former Mrs. India & Fashion Designer; Dr. Niranjan Raj, Race Director and Dr. Chinnababu Sunkavalli, Founder & CEO, Grace Cancer Foundation, at a press conference on Thursday at the Cyberabad Commissionerate, Gachibowli. The title sponsor for the Grace Cancer Run is ‘Ryan’ and the Run is supported by Apollo Hospitals and Hyderabad Runners.

Shri Sajjanar speaking on the occasion said, Grace Cancer Foundation has been successfully conducting the run last year it was a roaring success with ten thousand participants from 15 countries taking part. In these special circumstances, virtual is the buzz word and therefore this year’s run is being hosted virtually. Cancer has been there for ages, been a big threat to humanity, many patients and their families suffered enormously because of cancer. The focus on cancer should in no way be reduced despite COVID conditions. We have to gear up to combat both, the best way to do that is to keep ourselves fit which in turn boosts our immunity. It is such events and runs which keep us fit and help us to conquer cancer and Covid, they also help build the much-needed awareness about the disease. The awareness is critical as several times we observe that the patients come for treatment at an advanced stage of the disease. The Grace Cancer Foundation under the leadership of Shri Sujatha Rao, and Dr. Chinnababu, have been doing tremendous work to build awareness in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and now across the world.

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There has been an unprecedented rise in the cancers of all kinds in India in the recent few years, this is a cause for great concern. Early detection and prevention is the only way forward in a country like ours, as we lack the medical infrastructure to cope with the increasing disease burden. Also, cancers being witnessed among the relatively younger population could be a huge economic burden for the country. It also impacts the family in many ways and could prove to be an irrecoverable setback. Programs being initiated by Grace Cancer Foundation is a beacon of hope for several from the poor and deprived sections of the society, says Shri Ajay Misra. On 10th October the date of the Run, even if the weather is good or bad, even if it rains, even if Covid is still prevalent, lets for Cancer’s sake run on that day be it inside or outside our houses, but do it for the sake of all our loved ones.

Ms Shilpa Reddy said I am happy to be associated with the third edition of the Grace Cancer Run. I have always endorsed programs associated with health and well-being, be it physical or mental health. Covid has compelled and reminded us of the paramount importance of our well-being, no matter who you are, no matter what you own, no matter what you will be tomorrow, is all irrelevant if your health is not in good condition, you cannot do anything in your personal or professional life without a fit body, that happens only when you invest time and energy in health. Your body develops the strength and ability to fight and bounce back even if you are inflicted of the disease when you are fit and healthy. Cancer Run is a step towards that fit body, therefore be a part of this run, spread the message propel and encourage everyone to be part of the run and create the awareness that cancer can be taken care off if it is detected early and this time the message is going across the world. Its wonderful that Dr Chinnababu made adversity into an advantage by going virtual for the run and making it possible to have several more participate, that will create humungous awareness across the globe. Please invest time in your mental and physical health because that’s what matters at the end of the day, she added.

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Ryan is a proud sponsor of the Grace Foundation’s 2020 Virtual Cancer Run. As part of our corporate value, generosity matters, Ryan actively supports and serves our local communities, Says Rodney Dsouza, Senior Director, India Operations Services, Ryan – Hyderabad.

Grace Cancer Foundation, a charity organisation, working towards providing succour to cancer patients, has initiated Grace Cancer Run, to raise public awareness against cancer, its prevention and early detection, with the motto ‘No patients should be deprived of treatment for lack of financial support.’ The cancer survivors participating in the Run instil confidence and hope that cancer after all is conquerable, amongst those afflicted of cancer.

The run has enormous significance this year as the all-embracing Covid 19 fear is restricting patients of other ailments from seeking medical attention. Those developing symptoms of non-Covid diseases are postponing the treatment for the pandemic conditions to subside. However, the delay can be unimaginably fatal for serious ailments like Cancer, besides presenting serious and irretrievable consequences for the community by raising the disease burden manifold, says Dr Chinnababu Sunkavalli. This run will help sensitise patients to seek immediate medical help and nip a dreaded disease like cancer in the bud stage. It’s also heartening that this edition of Grace Cancer Run has expanded its footprint across the globe and will impact even those in the remotest part of the World, by spreading the word on prevention and early detection of cancer. Being conscious about one’s health becomes paramount now with people leading more sedentary lifestyles owing to Work from home and pandemic restrictions. The message is loud and clear, even in these tough times cancer can’t be ignored, lets join hands to defeat cancer, he added.

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The Foundation has framed stipulations for the virtual run, to ensure safety and wellness of the participants in these unprecedented times of COVID 19, while affording them the privilege of being a part of a noble cause with ability to spread the message on cancer. The virtual run enables the participants to be part of it from the comfortable and secure confines of their homes on a treadmill or at a nearby track. The race rules are designed to permit the participant to reach the desired distance in a prescribed timeframe. Besides creating awareness, the virtual run serves as an add-on to stay fit and healthy, thus lifting the spirits of the participants, especially during these sombre times.

The Run will be in three categories of:

· 5K

· 10K

· 21.1K (Half Marathon)

Each participant registering for the Run will be provided with an ‘e-bib’ (a personalized, printable picture). The participants need to log on to activity Apps of their choice, through Strava is the preferred app for recording the run. After the completion of the run, the runners have to post the distance of the run along with a selfie or photograph with the bib on the chest for the organizers to record their participation.