United for a cause: Strangers stepped in to save a 4-Y-O Chitrapriya an orphan girl fighting from rare heart disease

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Chennai June 13, 2022: Good Samaritans from across the country came together to save the life of a four-year-old Chitrapriya. Chitra was only a few days old when her parents died in a fatal car accident. Chitra’s grandmother Rani and aunt Mariamma soon became her entire world. Chitra was suffering from Tetralogy of Fallot- a condition caused by four heart defects. Doctors from the Apollo Hospital suggested immediate open-heart surgery to correct the condition.

Tetralogy of Fallot is a rare condition caused by a combination of four heart defects that are present at birth. The defects affect the structure of the heart and cause oxygen-poor blood to flow out of the heart and to the rest of the body. Infants and children with tetralogy of Fallot usually have blue-tinged skin because their blood doesn’t carry enough oxygen. Patients suffering from tetralogy of Fallot need corrective surgery to improve heart functioning.

Emotional Rani, Chitra’s grandmother recalls the day when Chitra’s health started to deteriorate, “until a month ago everything was good, Chitra’s smile and giggles filled our home with warmth and happiness. Then came a day when she began to lose her energy, she lost her appetite, and her skin became pale. After multiple doctor appointments, the doctors were able to pinpoint the root cause.”

The doctors affirm that an open-heart surgery costing Rs 8 Lakhs will permanently put an end to her heart defects and ensure that the child lives a long life. However, Mariamma’s earning of Rs 7,500/- gets completely exhausted in the family’s necessities & they have nothing left to be able to afford the correction surgery. Unable to afford the treatment, Chitra’s grandmother and aunt turned to medical crowdfunding on Ketto.org, to their surprise the full amount was raised within days.

Commenting on the success of the Ketto fundraiser Rani, Chitra’s grandmother said, “we are overwhelmed with the response. Our heartfelt gratitude to all 1387 donors who resonated with our pain and donated for my little Chitra’s surgery, because of their generosity, she will be able to lead a normal and healthy life. Today, my little Chitra has an extended family who is her guardian angel”

Commenting on the successful producer, Dr. Neville Solomon Ms.Mch. Consultant Adult and Paediatric Cardio Surgeon, Apollo Children’s Hospital Chennai said, “Chitrapriya was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot with severe infundibular and valvar pulmonary stenosis with PDA continuing as LPA, came to us for further management, Child was brought to us in a sick condition with cyanosis and difficulty in breathing. She was stabilized preoperatively and optimized for surgery. The child underwent intra-cardiac repair – VSD closure with Transannular patch with the recruitment of LPA (Complex open heart surgery). The patient was extubated on POD 1 and was shifted to the ward the following day. The child withstood the procedure well and was discharged on POD6. She was doing well at 3 Months Follow up.

“This child was really poor and destitute and the condition in the heart was critical and complex. Without the help of the fundraising platform, it would have been very difficult to proceed. Ketto was very helpful and once they understood the poor background of this patient, they promoted the campaign and came to the timely rescue of this child as they have done on numerous occasions,” adds Dr. Neville.

Ketto’s mission is to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible to all. The company has hosted over 2 lakh medical fundraisers and over 1200 crores for various medical treatments such as BMT, cancer, transplants, and critical kidney, lung, and heart ailments.