Most Common Bonus Slot Features by Big Time Gaming

The world of slots is constantly expanding. It’s such a popular pastime that gaming developers are always trying to look for new ideas and create different experiences for the players so they can enjoy themselves to the utmost – and pay their money for the privilege. Over time, more and more ‘slots studios’ have been started, and these are the companies responsible for bringing you not just your favourite games, but the different ways to play them too – check out our offers.

Slots Studios

So just what are slots studios and how does the system work? You might be familiar with the idea of this kind of studio from the movies – it’s the same kind of way of working. Just like you’ve got movie studios like Pixar, MGM, Universal, and many more, you also have slots studios such as Playtech, Microgaming, and NetEnt. New studios are being set up on a fairly regular basis due to the popularity of the concept, and they all have different budgets and styles. 

Big Time Gaming is the studio responsible for Megaways slots. These slots have many thousands or paylines more than a standard slot would, but the fun part is that the number and positioning of these paylines changes on each spin, so you never really know what’s going to happen next. 

Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming launched out of Sydney in 2011 and they have created some truly amazing slots since then. Once a small studio looking to break into the big time (as their name suggests), they are now ranked up there with the best. 

This was down to the fact that, rather than sticking to their original concept which was to offer simple buy high paying games, Big Time Gaming soon realised that people wanted more than that. They moved with the times and they looked into what people actually wanted, and they came up with a solution – Megaways. 

Big Time Gaming Slots

Big Time Gaming has created the Megaways type of slot, and it has been a revolution in the online casino world. This new idea raised the bar on what could be done with online slots, and it brought in many more people to play who would never have considered it before. If there was more excitement and more chance of winning – both of which are what Megaways gives you – then why wouldn’t it make sense for more people to play? 

Normal slots might have around 50 active paylines. Some might have a few hundred. But Megaways have thousands, with some games having over 110,000 different paylines available in a game. This is down to these games having as many as seven symbols on a reel, and sometimes six reels, plus the extra row at the top that works independently and can be the thing that makes all the difference.

Bonus Rounds

You might not think that Big Time Gaming would bother with adding bonus rounds to their Megaways games since the games themselves are exciting enough, but there are some, making the entire concept even better. The most common is the sticky wild bonus round found in games like Danger High Voltage and Lil’ Devil. In this latter game, the sticky wilds can even turn the reel and this could change everything.