Spiritualism in Social Media Marketing?

India is well known for the spiritual practices. In the advanced world, where social media is everything – overtaken the means of communication, seems to be deeply influenced by the presence of spiritualism.

If you are on social media sites like – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.,; we are confident enough that you must have come across some profiles bearing images of God and sharing some spiritual pics appealing for support to it. Most of users share photos of Gods with their friends, and aiming at getting some favorable action from them towards their shared post.

Most of them do not share those for fun, but to exhibit their devotion in spiritualism. And, few may be very serious on these. Now here comes a big question – why the tech savvy Indians do follow the spiritual path or give a spiritual touch to their social media presence?

The answer is simple as the difficulties we have been facing today. The reasons could be any – multinational jobs or six-figure salaries; huge stress level or lack of times to be socially active in the actual way; and sometimes the materialistic world beliefs could be foremost reasons that youth are inclined towards spiritualism.

The aim of this post is not to make you compulsion to follow any spiritualism or not to endorse any profile that carries spiritual touches. Rather it’s an effect of economic slowdown and uncertain job market, which pushes the youth into spiritualism and social media is the biggest tool for them.

Spiritualism has been there for many centuries in India, and the practice is wide accepted of late as well. Despite advancement of technology and internet boom in 21st century, there is little change in regard to spiritual practices. Besides, the social media outreach made preaching religion more easy than ever before. Now, people can share anything of their interest including ‘spiriutal’, and this practice is seen with Indian users those share pictures of God and Goddess.

There are many people who advocate against social media, but there are also same or more youth internet users supporting social media and surfing for a noble or proper cause.

Positive and negative terrain too application over the sharing spiritualism in social media too. So rather going for the negative one, we should thing constructively that there is some good impact from the posts related to social media.  Take the example of YouTube, a video streaming site, where you get great content and news at hand. If your follower of spiritualism, YouTube could be a great resource, where you’ll find many spiritual videos and learn from them.

No doubt that social media has won the confidence of youth in India and also won the heart of the millions of spiritually influence youth. Now the job of those is to spread the word of spiritualism on social media.

In the cyber age, this is the time of youth to take the responsibility to share the sacred thoughts and message to the world through social media.

Note – Aim of this post is to inspire the millions of youth having spiritual devotion. If you like the post, then please do comment and share with your friends.

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