Nirbhaya will always remain alive in our hearts: Anuja Kapur

Anuja Kapur3 years ago in the capital of our country a 23 year old girl was gang raped by 6 men and then thrown her out of the bus in the chilling winter night. The girl was brutally assaulted by those monsters that have shattered the belief in humanity and their deed shook the whole nation and the outcome was, the people of India came on the roads to protest this heinous crime. The 16 December incident was one of the most gruesome acts which Delhi had ever witnessed. People from every generation came together in support of the Nirbhaya (Jyoti Singh Pandey) and stood firm against the perpetrator. Candle march, silent protest Delhi witnessed all this after the incident took place.

Though all the prayers were from across the globe with Nirbhaya but the wounds and pain she was suffering had better of her and she passed away and remain alive in our hearts forever. But even after 3 years of the incident nothing has changed in view of security for the women is still a burning issue, women are not safe in the city no protection measures has been taken towards this side. Speaking on the occasion famous Criminal Psychologist Mrs. Anuja Kapur said that I became the voice of the people of India on this burning issue and raised my voice on various platforms. The whole incident was shame on our Country and is still a shame if we have not learnt from this incident in these 3 years. She further said, that all the people who were protesting, crying, stood firm for the Nirbhaya have moved on but the family of the Nirbhaya have changed their fate. Since this heinous crime family of the victim is in deep grievance and still not able to believe that there princess is no more with them.

Although all the rapists were sentenced to death except the Juvenile who was under age at the time of crime as he was taken to juvenile home for the 3 years but the eyes of the family is still wet. Speaking on the issue of juvenile Mrs. Kapur said that it is a call of an hour is not retributive theory but a reformative theory where we need to focus on the criminal behaviour of the criminal and to make various changes not only in the judiciary, administrative but also on the legislative level. Mere making a law is crippled in nature if it is not implemented properly any law can be deterrent if its implementation plan executed appropriately. Lowering the age of the juvenile will not eradicate the problem but proper guidelines should be implemented in juvenile homes, foster houses as our motive is to reform the criminal or an offender so that there is no recidivism in crime. Under proper surveillance and weekly audit, counselling, a criminal can be reformed and rehabilitated back in the society. We hope that there will not be any Nirbhaya case again in this world and she will always remain alive in our hearts.

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