EMS Provider Ziqitza Bridges Pre-hospital Care gap in Odisha


founding-team(1)One of India”s Leading Emergency Medical Services Provider Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. Serves More Than 10 Lakh People Across Odisha

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd., has served more than 10 lakh people in the state of Odisha in their tenure of three years. Operating under a PPP , Ziqitza operates the 108 service under the supervision of National Health Mission. The service has helped people from the far flung areas in the state to be transported to empanelled government hospitals in due time.

Speaking at the success, Mr. Naresh Jain, CEO, Ziqitza Healthcare Limited said, “We are happy that we have been able to reach out to people across the state and provide timely help when required. Since the launch of the service, we have put our best efforts to reach the scene of accident and transport the victim in the shortest time possible.”

The service has seen immense popularity and trust where the average number of people served has jumped more than 90-100% annually.

Apart from the 108 service, Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd has also organized several First Responder Programs to sensitize the public of the protocols governing the service. During the 108 service in these three years, Ziqitza has served close to 2 lakh pregnant women and have delivered more than 3000 babies on board. Conforming to the guidelines of WHO, the allocation of ambulances is one ambulance per one lakh population in Odisha.

Explaining about the facilities, Mr. Naresh Jain said, “Our ambulances are categorized between Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) which are equipped with sophisticated features like defibrillators, cardiac monitors and suction machines, among others. The ambulances also have emergency medicines, life saving equipment with oxygen cylinders, which can help in immediate situations.”

In addition to the current fleet of ambulances, National Health Mission is planning to add 92 additional Basic Life Support ambulances. This comes as a relief where often providing quality pre-healthcare services in the country is a concern.

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