Call upon professionals, Innovators, Reformers & Influencers, to join BJP for India

Call upon professionals, Innovators, Reformers & Influencers, to join BJP for India
Ms Karuna Gopal, BJP leader; Member, BJP National Manifesto Sub Committee & President, Futuristic Cities; briefing media on the need for members of the public, professionals, opinion makers, thought leaders, to join BJP, at a press conference on Thursday at BJP Telangana State office, Nampally.

 I am here to urge and appeal to all professionals, young Innovators, young Reformers and young Influencers to join BJP.

If you are ambitious, a go getter with fire in your belly BJP is the right party for you because we have fire in our belly too. We want India to achieve its true potential. We have worked very hard over the years and in the last 5 years we have proved to the world and to the Indian citizens that we are the right party for the nation.

As you know our country has been invaded and plundered by Muslim rulers and ravaged by the British then followed by 6 decades of misrule and mis-governance by Congress..

Today, India is unfortunately being called an ‘Emerging Economy’ but in reality we are a ‘RE-EMERGING ECONOMY’! We emerged centuries ago! How many people know that we had the worlds largest share of trade till 1870?  Thanks to the way the country was wronged, we are still being called a developing economy…

We in BJP want to rectify all the wrongs! We want to infuse new life into this great country.

It’s not possible without young professionals like you. We want to reconfigure the country for highest efficiency; we want to shape the nation into a performing nation.

We have to resurrect the country, ensure it rises like a phoenix – for that we need you!

Its possible only when young reformers, young innovators and young influencers join us!

We don’t want you sitting on the sidelines – We hope to get you into Mainstream politics . We want you to directly transform the nation. Many of you tell us that we ‘voted’ for BJP! We are happy you supported us. You passively supported us by giving your ‘HEARTS’ but now we need your BRAINS AND your HANDS too.

If you are an architect, you can directly ‘Architect’ India’s growth

If you are doctor, you can usher not only a healthy India, but become a hope-doctor

If you are builder, you can build not only bridges but bridges between religions & regions

If you are an athlete, you can help the nation sprint and leap frog into the future

If you are an IT professional you can help us in cutting edge technologies

If you are a Data scientist, help us make DATA DRIVEN decisions

If you are hospitality professional you can make India hospitable for everyone

If you are an innovator, you can transform this country with cheap affordable solutions

If you are a home maker, you can make India a real home where we celebrate being a family

We need professionals from every field, right from fashion designers to chip makers. If you are an activist, a water warrior, a green crusader we want you as we want to achieve our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Let your innovations not be restricted to your Universities, Cities & States – let them scale and reach entire country! Its possible with a large network of 11 crore members of BJP

In BJP your skills will be respected. Your services will be valued. We are not a Dynasty party. We are a ‘Common man’s party. We are egalitarian. We are an equal opportunity party. See our youngest MPs, Tejasvi Surya is an example, Bangalore – middle class family no political background but is sitting in the Parliament today.

BJP is the only party that can take India forward –

You will not find touts in our ministries, you will not find inefficiencies or laziness or lack of punctuality. We started our work of cleansing the country 5 years ago, to accelerate we need more support from all sections of society

Give us your passion and commitment.

We will make your vision our mission. Right now you have the best platform in the world to showcase your talent. You will be mentored by stalwarts, you can meet your role models, people who transformed the nation.

I repeat – By passively supporting our party you have given your ‘hearts’ to us but now we need your brains and your hands too

We are looking for foot soldiers to Generals!

Come realize your Potential, Engage with the largest party, share the Biggest Stage!