Role of Voters in Election

Elections decide fate of a country or a state, that is true. Through elections only citizens choose and give  right to any party to rule them. And people should also learn few thing from the elections, not always the political parties in their assessments after voting.

Voters think that their job is over once they franchised their right to vote. If such mind-set remains, then they can’t be actual voters and detached from the society which is governed by the newly elected government.

Voters need to remember that how their voting helped the society in terms of the administration of the government they bestowed the power to rule. In a democratic country voters should also analyses the governments performance not only during the time election but also on other occasions too.


They have more right during election to choose best candidate for the constituency and country. But they have also right to evaluate, there are may rules those can help citizen to the functions or achievements of the government.

Voters can approach leaders for the development in their area, and a mass appeal have more impact than alone voice. Even the active mass media will help the citizen to reach their voice concern leaders.

In the age of high active mass media forms like -news channels, news papers, and news portals, have been helping voters to share their experience about their leaders.

Many news channels have organized public debate or discussion during the election in Gujarat, and people have actively shared their thoughts. And such television programmes  are successful since involving local issues, about local leaders, and development.

Voters can change the society by their proper judgment and franchising their rights.

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