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Including guest posts as part of your content marketing plan is an easy method to get immediate results. SEO and reader engagement both depend on quality content. Having guest posts is a simple way to get content from other people. In this case, you may employ a fellow blogger in your field, content development and guest posting service, or a dedicated individual. Let’s examine the main insights of having visitors write on your blog.

Is there a secret to making the most of guest posts?

Although having guest posts on your site might be advantageous, there are several rules you should follow to limit any negative effects.

There were whispers that Google was punishing sites with guest content a few years ago. However, this is only partially accurate. It all started with a controversial comment by ex-Google spokesman Matt Cutts, who said that guest blogging was obsolete. As expected, Google had an immediate explanation. As it turns out, if you do it right, guest writing may still reap benefits. The blogs that were the target of Cutts’ criticism were those who consistently posted low-quality material.

How to Write a Great Guest Post

Ensure that any posts you publish are well-written and error-free before making them public. Don’t use guest posts only to pad your blog’s tally. Keep in mind that the content you put out there represents your company.

Please only share original work.

Make sure you own the rights to any guest pieces you publish and that they were written just for you. You shouldn’t post anything that’s already available on other websites. That will hurt your search engine rankings and prevent you from appearing as an industry leader.

Keep an eye on the links you click on that will take you somewhere.

It is OK to provide links to reputable resources. In fact, including such connections in your content improves their trustworthiness and might boost your SEO. However, if you use affiliate links or other low-quality connections, it might hurt your SEO. Keep the author bio short and avoid include too many links. Two links total, including author website and social media accounts, are allowed. The best seo consultant in India can guide you better here.

Discuss issues that are both current and of interest to your readers.

Acceptable standards for one’s own work should also be applied to guest articles. It’s important to thoroughly vet all possible blog content. In addition to seeking for material that is not only well-written but also original, it is also crucial to ensure that the themes are ones that your target audience cares about. Sometimes getting a proposal from authors before they submit you content is the best way to go. Also, you may ask your regular writers to cover certain subjects if you want to mix things up a little. You should always aim to include both relevant themes based on recent happenings and evergreen topics that will be of interest to your readers not just today, but months or even years from now.


Keep in mind that you are under no obligation to run any given message, idea, or suggestion. You still have complete control over the content and direction of the blog. Pick subjects you feel confident defending.

By inviting guest bloggers to contribute to your site, you may increase your readership, gain credibility with search engines, and keep your visitors engaged. Following the aforementioned steps will ensure that your blog grows in readership and authority forever.

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