CareerSprints Launches a Free Agile and Scrum Exam for Agile Enthusiasts

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Toronto, Canada: While students are doling out hundreds of dollars to get professional scrum and agile certifications, they’re always looking for more economical options to test their knowledge of scrum and agile., the preferred professional training and certification provider vetted by hundreds of management and technical professionals globally has recently released the Foundational Certification in Agile Scrum (FCAS™) Exam, a free of cost exam for agile enthusiasts to gauge their current understanding of scrum and agile. Vetted by industry professionals and hundreds of students who have already taken the exam, the FCAS exam has gained a lot of popularity amongst the agile and scrum communities.

The FCAS exam tests agilists on a variety of aspects related to the application and implementation of Scrum and Agile concepts. Questions in the exam are from a mix of different topics such as the agile manifesto and principles, tenets of agility, definition, meaning, and application of scrum, scrum roles, scrum artifacts, metrics to measure the success of scrum process, rules, boundaries, scrum ceremonies, and scrum anti-patterns. All in all the FCAS exam is a well-rounded exam that attempts to test students on an array of scrum topics.

The format of the FCAS exam includes 30 mins to answer 20 multiple choice questions including situational questions. In order to pass the exam, students have to secure 75%. The FCAS exam is also supported by a Free Scrum Webinar. Although it’s not compulsory to attend the webinar to take the exam, joining the webinar prior to taking the exam is helpful since the webinar covers topics covered in the test. Attending the webinar and taking the test earns students course credits which the students can use for courses on the portfolio.

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