, an Ethereum mobile client launches in Alpha

DApps browser - singapore

SINGAPORE, Jan. 6, 2017— tatus, an Ethereum light client targeting Android & iOS unveiled its feature light alpha today. The alpha release aims to provide developers with a glimpse at how interacting with decentralized applications (DApps) will look through its open source interface.

As a base offering, Status is both a messenger, and a DApps browser, enabling users to access decentralized applications, along with sending encrypted messages, smart contracts, and digital currency to one another using Ethereum decentralized protocols. Status utilizes messaging as a platform, upon which Ethereum DApp developers can integrate with through its Chat API and developer tooling, slated for the Beta release.

Blockchain developers are encouraged to list their DApps within Status, by joining the Status Slack channel, or visiting the Status Wiki. The alpha release is primarily targeting developers, however, it will be available publicly to anyone interested in blockchain technology, and interested parties are encouraged to visit to learn more.

“One way to think about Status is that it’ll eventually serve as a sort of onramp or gateway so that everyday people can benefit from decentralized applications built on Ethereum, whilst simultaneously helping DApp developers to reach new users,” said Co-Founder Jarrad Hope, adding, “It’s been a long time coming, but we couldn’t be more excited about releasing this to the Ethereum community; as an alpha release it’ll inevitably have its fair share of bugs, and we have a tremendous amount of work still ahead of us, but it’s an important milestone nonetheless.”

Messaging as a platform is already a proven model in many markets, but Status is perhaps the first decentralized, blockchain-based interpretation. “In our eyes Status provides a clear path towards Ethereum user-adoption on a meaningful scale, while remaining flexible and general enough to cater to the wide range of DApp ideas we’re yet to see conceived,” said Co-Founder Carl Bennetts. “We truly believe that Ethereum and blockchain technology has the potential to change fundamental aspects of how society functions, and if Status can play even a very small part of this transition it’d make us very happy.”

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