US-Based Texting Service Expands Social Positivity Tool to Canada

Social Positivity Tool to Canada
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St. Louis, MO: Take2Minutes, a free web- and text message-based service that provides subscribers with daily positive messages, gratitude and sleep exercises, guided meditations, and more, is proud to announce the expansion of their unique social positivity tool to Canada. This is their largest expansion since launching nationwide in the United States.

Take2Minutes was created as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to provide students, young professionals, and adults with the same short, evidence-based positive psychology activities that have been proven to be effective in research studies. All of their services are free and their goal is to secure enough voluntary donations to keep Take2Minutes free for everyone to use.

Instead of a mobile app notification like similar tools available, Take2Minutes uses text (SMS) for their delivery method. After much research, they found that communications via text have a much higher success rate at reaching the intended audience. To start receiving their messages, text “join” to (717) 674-2779 in the United States and (778) 400-0444 in Canada. People can also access these free resources by signing up at

A few of Take2Minutes’ activities that help people generate a sense of calm, find positivity, and create happiness include:

– Social Positivity – Daily positivity messages at your desired time and frequency.
– Instant Meditation – Free meditations and calming stories that help you shift your focus towards bliss, calm, and positive thoughts.
– Three Good Things – A gratitude exercise that changes your focus from things that go wrong to things that go well.

Take2Minutes also offers My Happy List, Daily Meditations, Gratitude Journal, Grounding Exercise, Sleep Assist, Daily Check-In, Personal Diary Page, and Happiness Self Test.

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