PETALS™ by the CaliGreenGold™ (CGG) Luxury Brand, Expands Its Exciting ZIG-ZAG™ Partnership

Los Angeles, CA, – PeakPRroup proudly announces that PETALS™ by the CaliGreenGold™ (CGG) luxury brand, expands its exciting ZIG-ZAG™ Partnership via the introduction of new “Original Organic” Products: Rose Petal King Cones & Rose Wraps. […]


Announcing the Launch of Rock Your Blocks MAP™, (Make Anything Possible) Coaching Method to Help Women Reduce Trauma, Difficult Memories, and Emotions Quickly and Easily

Roseville, CA, January 02, 2023 – Women are five times more likely than men to have a mental health issue (CDC, 2020). Over 25% of women are seeking care for an emotional issue compared to […]