Anoroc Technologies to launch Bamchik App (short video creation platform)

Anoroc Technologies to launch Bamchik App (short video creation platform)

New Delhi: Anoroc Technologies, India’s leading technology solution-provider is expanding its footprints and is soon going to launch an entertainment app, Bamchik which will be a short video creation platform for audiences of all age groups. With this launch, the firm wishes to step up its game and foray into the dynamic and entertaining zone of content creation.

Created in India, the app will provide the audiences, especially the youth, an opportunity to come forward and showcase their talent in creative fields of singing, dancing, theatre, comedy, infotainment, etc. While the exact date of launch is yet to be announced by the makers, the app designing and its launch preparations are in full swing.

On this platform, the users will be able to shoot short-length videos of their inherent talent ranging from music, dance, acting performance, to martial arts, poetry, funny gags, stand-up comedy, beauty tips, work-out techniques, just to name a few. The viewers on the other hand will have an option to choose the kind of content they wish to consume basis their interest and further will be able to engage with both the content and its creators.
Considering that the app version works well with the audiences and short videos are their preferred format of content consumption, the launch of the Bamchik app is indeed a strategic move by the creators.

The concept behind launching the entertainment-filled app is to bring gripping and magnificent content on the digital platform. It will help showcase highly engaging, creative, and entertaining talents of the content creators and will also boost their innovative ideation capacity and creative ability. Besides, with its diverse variety of video-based content, the app will also offer few entertaining and creative moments to the audiences amidst their mundane schedules.

Aiming to be one of the coolest apps in the industry, it wishes to collaborate with exceptional talent at a pan India and global level and enhance the user experience with the creators’ innovative content. The app is presently in its production stages and is being designed to empower Indians to emerge as superstars. It will work in a fashion to unlock opportunities for everyone and anyone who possess creativity and are in search of a direction and opportunity to showcase their skills and passion.

On the app launch, Pulkit Kochhar, Founder & Director, Bamchik shared his elation and said, “Our short video app is being created in India and will give the users the freedom to make time-lapse videos, GIFs, and long or short clips. Basically, the users will be able to create any kind of content, be it their passion or expertise. The idea is that via Bamchik, they will get a platform to post, share and interact with the kind of content that keeps them going. Understanding that artists do not have access to relevant opportunities, we wish to extend a platform wherein the creators can come forward and showcase their talent at a global level. We will be empowered by user-generated original content and are focusing on building a highly engaged community of young trendsetters and innovators across all age groups here on our platform. We are aiming to be the leading name in the ‘coolest entertainment app ever’ category. Crossing my fingers and hoping that Bamchik will be well received and appreciated by the audience.”

Expressing his excitement over the app launch, Udit Pathak, Co-founder, Bamchik said, “We wish to cater to both the creators and the audiences via Bamchik app. While for the creators, this will be a unique platform to share their innovations and creativity with the world, for the audiences, it will be a great medium to steal a few moments of entertainment from their erratic schedule. We aim to provide high doses of entertainment to the audience via our variety of short video content along with weekly contests and challenges based on exciting themes. We will also be focusing on conceptualizing innovative communication strategies and marketing campaigns to ensure Bamchik creates a position for itself in the ‘coolest and entertaining app category’. While the application preparation work is happening in full swing, we are excited to come up with a unique concept and are eagerly awaiting the launch of the app. ”

Speaking about the app and its concept, Abhinav Narula, Co-Founder & Director, says, “We believe that every person has an inherent creativity that needs a platform. We at Bamchik will help the creators and artists share their talent and skills with the world. We will cater to a wide variety of genres, which includes adventure, dance, comedy, social cause, challenges, and last but the least, infotainment. Marking our presence in the content creation field via an entertainment app gives us immense happiness. We hope to receive a positive response from the audience and anticipate that they will find our platform interesting and engaging.”

Along with the wide variety of content, Bamchik app will also host various challenges that will enable the users to record, win and earn. They will also be able to explore the most-watched and most popular videos of other participants and meanwhile compete with them. The users will be able to engage with their preferred content and will provide them a platform to interact with the creators as well.

The app is catering to the needs of both the content creators and audiences’ craving for entertainment will be hitting your mobile screens soon!

About Bamchik App

Bamchik is a short video content creation app aiming to provide a platform to content creators to showcase their talent. Headquartered in Gurgaon, it strives to provide a zone that can brighten up the lives of the audiences with entertainment and offer a space where creators can share their creativity with the world. Launched under the parent company, Anoroc Technologies, Bamchik wishes to empower Indians to emerge as superstars.