Business Profile: Hemil Parikh, Founder, Elysium Abodes LLP

It is rightly said when innovation and ingenuity entwine with meticulousness and devotion, magic is sure to happen. This being his philosophy, Hemil Parikh, founder of Elysium Abodes LLP, aims to offer a holistic design solution through his constant endeavours. Based out of Mumbai, he attained his degree from Pune and Masters from Kingston Business School, London.

“A boy dreams of being what his father is.

A man aspires to be what his father couldn’t.”

It is with this core belief residing at the heart of all we do that Elysium Abodes aspires to be an architect of sheer happiness. Having embarked upon a journey to curve endless smiles by helping people build their ultimate comfort zone, Mr. Parikh have always been driven to go maximum lengths to meet every expectation.

Picking up from his grandfather, Mr. Hemil Parikh – a third generation entrepreneur, carried forward the core values inherited by him and branched out through Water Inc. – a leading solution provider for waterproofing systems. From there on, his passion for luxury homes and global travel led to the inception of Elysium Abodes LLP – A Design and Build Company focusing on providing a uniquely world-class lifestyle to Indians and covering every aspect from chalking a blueprint to finessing the execution.

From mastering the art of envisioning brilliance to constructing marvels from scratch. He has truly come a long way in earning a rock-solid reputation in the world of real estate development. Covering every facet of operations ranging from the identification of plot right to the final handover upon timely execution, his 360-degree approach towards his work ensure there is no room for doubt when it comes to customer satisfaction. Having completed numerous projects with diverse requirements such as themed villas, office spaces and luxury apartments with aesthetically personalized home interiors, rest assured his actions speak louder than words.

An avid traveler with a great eye for details, Hemil has always been passionate about luxury living and over the course of years spent considerable time learning about custom home building process. As a custom homebuilder, he wanted to retain single-source responsibility from start to finish. It was important for him to be a part of the entire process and not just the design element and thus he carved out a niche and built a process and team around this idea to create a home that’s truly tailored to your lifestyle.

Being a people’s person, Hemil is someone who relates well with others, allowing them to feel a close connect. The essence of Hemil’s methodologies is to address the design essentials through intense programming by the use of appropriate technologies and materials, thus maintaining the visual appeal of the project. Hemil’s eye for design detailing and expertise have empowered interpreting the firms’ vocabulary in novel and radical ways.

Today, Parikh Group is a name that is synonymous with perfection in every field of its expertise. From consistently being a keen student of success to innovatively transforming with evolving times, an unwavering code of conduct is a constant across all his operations. After all, when it is all said and done, customer satisfaction is what has truly made his day for the past 7 decades.

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