Exclusive Interview with Luke Coutinho, Co-founder & Chief Programme Mentor, LSI

Luke Coutinho
Luke Coutinho, Co-founder & Chief Programme Mentor, LSI

We thank Luke Coutinho, Co-founder & Chief Programme Mentor, LSI for this interview and for sharing his views.   

1. What Inspires you to start LSI ?

What has been observed over the years of practice in our work is that focusing only on nutrition is not enough to help our clients achieve their goals. Right lifestyle choices are what will get you there. This is what needs to be implemented in the Nutrition courses that are being offered these days. The courses should be able to educate and teach students right from the time of their basic learning in the field of nutrition and medicine, how lifestyle and an integrative approach along with a focus on addressing the root cause and seeing the patient as a whole is the way ahead.

With the patients’ healing and recovery being the sole objective, one opens doors to bringing out sustainable lifestyle changes. Any lifestyle changes that one makes has to be sustainable otherwise the problems may crop up again, that is why we believe in sustainable lifestyles which are easy to implement focusing on the four pillars of lifestyle. You become more involved and treat not only the problem but by simultaneously working on other aspects, you are able to provide a solution that will have a lasting effect on the patient. Hence, our core team decided to work with various recognised Education bodies to put together effective and comprehensive accredited programmes focusing on Nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle to empower students with the skill set they require to make an impact in the health and wellness of people across the world. These courses shall be recognised by the Industry and the qualification shall be awarded by credible Institutions. This means that students who are passionate about health and want to pursue this course can eventually look for jobs and employment in the field of health, wellness, and nutrition.

2. What kind of courses are you offering to the students?

Nagindas Khandwala College, Autonomous (affiliated with the University of Mumbai) offers B.Sc.(Honours), M.Sc., and a Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Nutrition & Dietetics in collaboration with LSI.

3. What according to you are the skill sets a student needs to have in order to be a successful practitioner?

This course is based solely on our years of expertise in healing others.
The essence of our Integrative Nutrition & Dietetics course is that it allows you to help the clients to reach their goals by focusing on all four lifestyle pillars: enough sleep, balanced nutrition, adequate activity, and emotional detox.

It focuses on practical learning aspects and revolves around these four lifestyle pillars. So, it is very important that the students have an open mind towards this and are able to integrate the various aspects of one’s lifestyle and help the client achieve their target. Having trained for this, the student will be prepared to work in an integrative health care setting after completing this course

4. Why People are moving more towards careers in Nutrition and Dietetics

The future of preventive healthcare and medicine will require an integrative approach at the highest level. We have observed that medicine and nutrition alone cannot be the treatment for ill health. Rather, we need to employ lifestyle in collaboration with all systems of medicine and nutrition research if we wish to eliminate or reduce chronic illness.

True healthcare emphasizes prevention as well as healing, diet, mobility, sleep, and emotional health, and treats the human body as a “whole” rather than an illness in isolation.

Looking at the statistics of disease and sickness today, more and more people are now open to the idea of investing in their health to prevent the onset of disease, suffering, and expenses that follow, and hence preventative healthcare is booming. The future of healthcare is preventative medicine.

5. Facts that tell Nutrition and Dietetics is a Good Career Option

We live in a world where people recognize there’s more to wellness than just medication. True wellness requires people to adopt lifestyle adjustments in addition to taking medication at specified periods. Nutrition, your environment, mental health, sleep quality, and exercise are all important factors. As a result, integrative and lifestyle medicine will continue to grow in the coming years. . We also see a lot of career opportunities in sectors like – Health & Wellness, Food, and Hospitality, Public Health Nutrition, Nutrition Education & Research, Nutripreneur, Private Health Care Industry, International Food Organizations, etc.

About Lifeness Science Institute (LSI)

Lifeness Science Institute (LSI) is a leading institute that has collaborated with multiple universities and colleges to offer its educational services for specialized Degree & Diploma courses in Integrative Nutrition and Dietetics in Mumbai. The courses are conducted under the mentorship of globally renowned Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Luke Coutinho. The system of education at LSI is based on learning that is truly experiential with a focus on industry applicability. All students receive career guidance and opportunities from the college’s dedicated placement cell. There is also a lot of focus on the development of entrepreneurial skills.

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