Mr. Deven Premji Shah, Director and Founder- Royal Realtors

Mr. Deven Premji Shah- Director and Founder, Royal Realtors
Mr. Deven Premji Shah- Director and Founder, Royal Realtors

Coming from a business family but determined to create individuality for himself, Deven Premji Shah has had an illustrious career at Royal Realtors, one of Mumbai’s most ethical real estate developers. He completed his graduation and post-graduation in management from SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai.

Being in the business for about 15 years, he brings on board his astute vision and shares a strong track record of developing strategic locations that are desirable for residential developments. As a leader, he stays ahead of the curve with his zeal to keep expanding the horizons of his organization. While he has been accredited to build iconic structures, there are also numberless other roles he plays to facilitate the sector and mankind. Under his astute leadership, Royal Realtors has set the benchmark in terms of equal quality construction, SRA development, precision engineering, technology & innovation, timely delivery, and holistic development.

Besides being the Director at Royal Realtors, he also oversees the strategy, legal, finance, marketing & sales departments. What makes him divergent is his ability to be direct and outspoken while remaining true to his conscience at all times.  His business acumen skills have helped him wrestle the tag of the ‘Builder Extraordinaire’ and the man with abilities to transform barren lands, dilapidated buildings, and slums in the city’s suburban limits into some of the most vibrant property developments.

A technical genius behind the company’s outstanding reputation for innovation, Deven has always been motivated by diversity and aims to serve a purpose that is greater than the self.

There is no deficiency of new-age ventures to plunge into if one has the ability and determination. Transforming SRA and redevelopment projects are one of the company’s core verticals. Deven feels redevelopment has massive potential and has a bright future in a dense city like Mumbai. Right from the inception of his career graph, Deven has been inclined towards looking at everything from a consumer’s lens. With the end-users aspirations for good quality real estate rising, he believes in delivering homes that are ideal for valuation without compromising on quality.

He is a staunch believer that innovation is the game changer for any business. Each project delivered by the firm is unique in several aspects as compared to earlier ones aptly sums up the firm’s tryst with the invention.

Deven Shah has been loyal and resolute to each venture he has taken up, alongside setting the course right for his peers. His belief that challenging roles tend to underline your very existence, brings him recognition as someone who can successfully turn anything around.

Soon, Deven and Royal Realtors team plan to transform the city’s suburban skyline, thus setting a statement of quality lifestyle for others to emulate.

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