3-Month Free Weekly Workshop on Data Structures & Algorithms by GeeksforGeeks to Help Fast Track Learner’s Career during the Pandemic

Data structure and algorithm

How seldom do we witness a webinar in these times, which aided us to navigate well through the chaos this year has brought about? Amidst a myriad of these virtual meets, GeeksforGeeks looks forward to feeding the minds of the masses and aims to encourage learners to build on their skills and keep that goal on the fast track. GeeksforGeeks brings to its users and beyond, a 3-month bi-weekly workshop series on Data Structures & Algorithms. Starting from the 3rd week of November and continuing till late in January, this workshop intends to provide comprehensive learning around the most fundamental topic of Computer Science.

As the placement season is about to hit, GeeksforGeeks is expecting 35,000 learners to be registered for the Data Structures and Algorithms workshop series, which is 100% more than the last quarter workshop. Furthermore, the company have kept the registration open for the workshop till the mid of December to allow more learners to participate in this limited series.

Shashi Bhushan, Tech Lead and Course Instructor, GeeksforGeeks, said, “All these workshops are thoughtfully created keeping in mind the needs of the coming time, as digital transformation has opened more doors for learners in the computer science discipline. Further, holding these workshops will play a pivotal role in the lives of several learners, especially during this course of pandemic and beyond.” The host, Mr. Shashi Bhushan, has previously worked with Adobe and PayTM as a software engineer.

Sandeep Jain, Founder, GeeksforGeeks, said, “The disruption caused by pandemic has led to thousands of people losing their jobs, and the future is still unpredictable. With this workshop, we plan to add to the skills of people, not just who are sitting in their homes looking for a job, but also plan to direct the upcoming wave of students who will launch into their career in the coming future.”

This initiative by GeeksforGeeks is a part of their campaign #SkillitUp against rising unemployment and decreasing the employability of software engineers in India. The prime objective of the campaign is to help students and working professionals and motivates them to upgrade their skill-set by learning to program the right way.

The topics that shall be covered in a span of around 22 workshops include but are not limited to linked lists, queues, stacks, trees, heaps, algorithms, and dynamic programming. These topics are often hailed as the tools that may either ‘make’ or ‘break’ an interview. With every workshop taking place twice a week, it not only seeks to achieve an appropriate pace but also makes a significant piece of knowledge accessible to many.

With an all-encompassing framework of this workshop, GeeksforGeeks would be ensuring that none returns empty-handed. The 3-month knowledge-sharing series would comprise focusing on theory, solving regular practice problems, and a Q&A session at the end of every week. Apart from this, questions asked most frequently in product-based companies would be discussed.