5 Essential Water Feature Design Principles for Your Backyard Oasis from Midwest Pond Feature and Landscape

Glen Ellyn, IL, June 14, 2024 — Midwest Pond Feature, a leading provider of pond features and landscape design services in the Midwest, is thrilled to announce 5 Essential Water Feature Design Principles for Your Backyard Oasis.

These design principles will provide homeowners with useful information to help them plan and integrate an attractive and helpful water feature into their outdoor area.

Their expert recommends the top five Water Feature Design principles to keep in mind.

Plan for Peace: To create a peaceful backyard retreat with a water feature, consider your existing landscape and desired aesthetic so the feature feels like a natural extension of your space.

Find Your Focus: Explore the various water features, from koi ponds to bubbling fountains, to discover the perfect focal point for your space.

Embrace the Sound of Nature: Uncover water sounds’ calming and therapeutic benefits and how to incorporate them into your water feature design.

Prioritize Sustainability: Gain insights on selecting eco-friendly materials and water management techniques for a beautiful and responsible water feature.

Maintain Your Oasis: Learn essential maintenance tips to keep your water feature functioning flawlessly and looking its best for years.

“We understand the transformative power of a well-designed water feature,” says Suliman Imam, CEO of Midwest Pond Feature. “These water feature design principles will give homeowners the ideas and information they need to design a backyard getaway that perfectly captures their individual style and expands their outdoor living space.”

Midwest Pond Feature is a full-service landscape and pond design firm committed to designing beautiful, environmentally friendly outdoor environments. They specialize in designing, constructing, and maintaining ponds, waterfalls, fountains, and other features. Their team of experienced professionals is passionate about helping homeowners achieve their dream backyards.