5 ways to boost your work productivity

5 ways to boost your work productivity

Many problems have aroused as a result of this continuing work from home culture. Many are still struggling to cope up with the difficulties like increasing physical, and mental issues which are affecting their productivity, and eventually making them fall sick. Many are trying hard to figure it out and to bring the best out of themselves, whereas many are still clueless about the things to be done at home to adjust to the work from home setup. Some of the things which can make the work from home easier, and be a positive impact on the output delivered are: –

Rethink your seating arrangement

It is noticed that changing office seating arrangements every few weeks increases productivity. Unfortunately, many of us may not have many options and resort to using the beds. Most of us are unaware of the fact that a mattress can bring great changes in our life. The wrong choice of mattress can cause serious health issues like backache, shoulder, and muscle pain, leading to lack of sleep, and affecting productivity. Various platforms like Wakefit, SleepyPanda offer orthopedic mattresses which could be a solution to your sleepless nights.

Take a game break

As most of us are stucked at home adapting to the work from home setup; taking a game break can make us calm, and feel relaxed. To be in a sound mind plays a prominent role in keeping us focused which will eventually increase the productivity. Considering the present scenario, opting for indoor games like cards, board games, puzzle games can make you stress free, and give your eyes a break from the screen timing which is good for your health.

Don’t compromise lighting

Work From Home increased the screen time causing damage to the eyes. Some of us are still depending on the high-power tube lights while keeping the screen brightness high. This is creating headaches, Fatigueness, and blurred vision. Nothing can beat warm sunlight but if you don’t have that option, don’t hesitate to have a soft light lamp. It will help you in keeping the work environment warm and filled with positive energy which will automatically improve your work life.

Add Colour and have a creative workstation

The premises we work can turn on our mind. So, we must be careful in decorating, and adding colour to our workstation, and making it creative. The more we decorate it with warm colours, and organic flowers the more we will be filled with positivity. Hanging art works, keeping the favourite book besides, facing to your favourite spot at home, arranging the workstation well can make your work easier along with bringing a smile on your face.

Snacks that can increase productivity

Reports suggest that consumers are turning to comfort products that offer moments of indulgence and escapism. With work from home setting in, snacking had increased. The choice of snacks does have a great impact on your body and mind and ultimately your work output. Hence, the challenge is to consider healthy options. You are what you eat. You can go for fruits, dry fruits, or even chocolates, all being healthy snacks (more so vs. conventional processed snack options). Dark chocolate increases your attention span and productivity. Brands like SMOOR offer a variety of dark chocolate options in snackable versions for one to try. Snacking on chocolates would help improve your memory while also keeping you relaxed, and fit. Along with it avoiding large quantities of sugar-based sweets, and salt will make you fit, and thereby increase your productivity.

These are some of the few yet highly preferred tips to make your work from home easier by keeping you filled with positivity.Which will lead in increasing your productivity, and helping you deliver the best output. Following these tips can make give you better results for the long run.