6 Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation involves the use of software to automate repetitive tasks. Marketers can nurture leads by integrating this software with customer data platform (CDP) software and customer relationship management (CRM). You can also use these platforms to personalize content and marketing messages. Marketing automation aims at streamlining and scaling lead management and other marketing activities to generate more revenue.

Some marketing automation features to look out for include lead nurturing, personalized email marketing, campaign management, and CRM integration. Below are the benefits of marketing automation.

1. Alignment of sales and marketing

Using the same software to combine your sales and marketing efforts, you can align your company goals and efforts. It eases the process of converting from a marketing qualified lead to a sales qualified lead. According to statistics, marketing automation averagely drives up to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and reduces marketing overheads by 12.2%. To boost your marketing efforts success, consider collaborating with marketing experts like HubSpot and grow your business.

2. Lead generation

Lead generation is an essential step in marketing, as it’s geared towards business growth. Automating the processes between marketing and sales allows your team more time to focus on overall marketing strategy and nurture promising leads, leading to more prospects and, later, more customers. Marketing automation also gives you insights into potential customers’ behavioral patterns to help you understand their interests and how far they’re in the purchasing cycle. This enables you to customize follow-ups to generate more leads.

3. Efficient and effective marketing campaigns

When you automate your marketing campaigns, you can quickly identify your web visitors and convert them into leads. Once you’ve identified your leads, you can segment them by behavior, demographics, and other features to create customized and automated lead nurturing campaigns. As your prospects interact with your brand online, you can track their engagement and pass the data to your sales team through a CRM integration system. This leads to excellent insights into a customer’s journey, better sales and marketing alignment and collaboration, and more streamlined lead scoring.

4. Personalized marketing strategy

Marketing automation allows you to convert your website visitors into leads, making it possible for you to segment them by features or behavior. This will enable you to personalize your lead nurturing process while tracking your prospects’ engagement, enhancing lead scoring.

5. Improves productivity

Marketing automation helps you automate marketing tasks, giving you more time to concentrate on other areas, boosting productivity. For example, when you automate your email marketing campaigns, you streamline the process by ensuring that you don’t have to go through your email list, find suitable subscribers, then individually send them marketing messages. With marketing automation, all you have to do is set up a customer journey map, define specific campaign triggers, and automate the rest of the process.

6. Increases efficiency

Marketing automation makes your marketing department more efficient. Using the marketing automation software and integration, your team can automate tasks such as posting on social media and blogs, creating an email nurturing campaign, and creating landing pages, saving time and increasing efficiency.


Marketing automation is a great way to create marketing programs for business growth. Consider investing in this technology to enjoy the above benefits and more.

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