A Collaborative Initiative to Co-create Excellence: FIIB and SETU Launch PGD Course in Data Science & AI

New Delhi, January 17, 2024: In a groundbreaking move to meet the surging demand for skilled data scientists and AI specialists, the Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB), in collaboration with SETU, successfully inaugurated and commenced its 1st cohort of the PGD Data Science & AI course on January 14, 2024. As businesses evolve in the digital age, the imperative for a program like SETU-FIIB’s PGD in Data Science & AI becomes evident. The collaboration between FIIB and SETU stems from a shared vision of bridging the skill gap and empowering learners to meet the escalating demand for data-intelligent professionals in the business world. The inaugural session, designed to help the audience explore opportunities and connect with industry experts, marks the beginning of a journey toward a rewarding career in the dynamic Data Science & AI field.


Presenting a powerhouse of industry and academic expertise, the inaugural session featured insights from eminent speakers. Their collective insight paved the way for a fulfilling journey ahead in data science and AI. In her own words, Ujjaini Mitra, Founder of SETU, shed light on the inspiration behind SETU’s name,” SETU bridges the skill gaps through industry-oriented hands-on experiential training by top industry experts and data practitioners.” She further stressed the meaningful collaboration with FIIB and the shared commitment to paving successful career paths for learners.

Prof. Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director, FIIB, emphasizing the strength of the partnership, expressed, “SETU, with its deep understanding of the field, and FIIB, with three decades of academic experience crafting success for its learners, have worked together to curate a unique program. This program seamlessly combines academic rigor with real-world industry insights, promising a transformative journey for those aspiring to excel in the dynamic landscape of data science.”

Among other keynote addresses included Monish Mathpal – a seasoned Data Scientist; Gaurav Kejriwal – Vice President at EXL Analytics; Dr Subarna Roy – Associate partner, Quantum ambassador, IBM, and Biswajit Pal – Director – Data Engineering, Analytics & Insight at Tata CLiQ, who shared common insights with the batch emphasizing programming jargons, real-life case studies, the significance of mentors, and the perpetual importance of continuous learning in the dynamic field of data science and AI, urging learners to stay ahead. Following the insightful addresses, the batch interacted with course curators, instructors, and the course commander,” buddy”, ensuring learners receive guidance and support for their immersive journey.

Data Science And Artificial Intelligence: A wise choice for today’s learners!

As businesses enter the digital age, the demand for highly proficient data scientists and AI specialists has grown exponentially. With lucrative job prospects, cutting-edge salaries, and a competitive advantage in the job market, students equipped with these specialized skills find themselves at the forefront of the evolving industry.

Growing job market
With the increasing reliance on data-driven decision-making and Artificial Intelligence advancements, businesses realize the power of data in the industry. There is a considerable demand for professionals with a vital Data Science and Artificial Intelligence foundation.

Cutting-edge salaries
There is no doubt that Indian talent is one of the most sought-after. At the entry level, data scientists earn an estimated median salary of INR 16.44 lakhs per annum (LPA), which has grown by 42.8% in the past few years. The industry is growing at a CAGR of 25% and has a $16B valuation.

Leading the way
Companies need specialized data scientists and AI scientists, and six out of ten hiring managers need help finding quality talent. In today’s competitive job market, learning DS & AI skills will keep you ahead.

Future-proof your career
Build a recession-proof career with this course. As a result of data science and generative AI, industries are transitioning from uninformed professionals to those well-versed in these technologies.

Everything You Need To Know About PGD In DS & AI at SETU-FIIB

Whether you are a Thought Partner or a Functional Leader, this course is for you. The program teaches learners to critically evaluate and use data science and artificial intelligence in appropriate contexts, including processes, systems, algorithms, technologies, and insights. The course, available online or in a hybrid format, includes 1-0-1 mentorship, internships, and live industry projects, guaranteeing practical experience and a resume that attracts recruiters.

Key Program Highlights:

  1. Duration: 11-month course with optional 6-month AI specialization.
  2.  Mode of Learning: Instructor-led online classes, accommodating flexible schedules.
  3.  Internship: Guaranteed internships or live industry projects for practical experience.
  4.  Certificate: 11 months DS certification with an optional specialization in advanced and generative AI.
  5.  Data Lab: 50+ Real Business Case Solving using preoperatory Open-AI Integrated Data Environment on Cloud.
  6.  Curriculum: Designed and assessed by top industries and academia to align with industry requirements.
  7.  Fees: INR 250,000 for the 11-month PGD in Data Science and INR 150,000 for the 6-month AI specialization.