A New Company Emerging at ASD Online in 2022

A New Company Emerging at ASD Online in 2022

Mineraali Inc. announced it will showcase its handicraft and wellness products for ASD Online show in Las Vegas this Feb. – March 2022. Mineraali has established itself as a leading name in the field of Artisan made handicraft products using pure and authentic Himalayan Salt, Onyx, Camel Skin, and Woodcraft. They are acknowledged for professional approach to creativity, design, and exclusive products. Established in 2021 in Houston, Texas, Mineraali brings years of artisan experience, extensive skills, and a complete understanding of the manufacturing process. They deliver new collections in tune with the latest trends in the market.

“Mineraali’s mission is to bring high-quality artisan products to more people and create positive change in handicraft and wellness culture,” says Omar Rao, Founder, and CEO at Mineraali Inc.

“One of our biggest goals is to help halotherapy treatment centers nationwide with a constant supply of Pure Himalayan Salt for post-COVID treatment and therapy,” says Kashif Maqsood, Co-founder and President at Mineraali Inc.

“Mineraali Promise Quality, Consistency, and Reliability to our Customers,” says Talha Ahmad, Co-founder and Director of Operations at Mineraali Inc.

Mineraali’s customers have found their products to be unique and intriguing as they are:

· Handcrafted with Generational Expertise and Experience
· Striving For Distinct Simplicity in their Delicate Craftsmanship
· Promoting Integrity, Exclusiveness, and High-Quality Products