ACM launches “ChotaNivesh Gold” Investment Platform

Asit C. Mehta Financial Services Ltd (ACMFSL), (BSE-530723| ASITCFIN), one of the leading fintech conglomerates in Indian equity markets, has launched “ChhotaNivesh Gold”, an inclusive investment platform that offers the opportunity to invest in small amounts through its subsidiary Edgytal Fintech Services Pvt Ltd.

Under the new platform, anyone can invest either in gold or silver for any amount, starting from Rupee 1. This unique feature makes ChhotaNivesh Gold an absolute democratic investment platform that is flexible for anyone who wants to begin investing with a small amount, keep up the investment in a disciplined manner and build wealth over a period of time. Gold is the best option for people as it is considered as gold retirement.

ChhotaNivesh Gold is owned by Edgytal Fintech Investment Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd, Edgytal is also into the development of software platforms for brokers. The platforms include trading systems through CTCL, IBT and Mobile apps. This app provides an all-in-one service in trading on all segments as well as investments in Mutual funds, I baskets, NPS, T bills, Fixed Deposits, Sovereign Gold Bonds, IPO, OFS and Buybacks.

Mrs. Deena Mehta, Managing Director of the Group ACMFSL said “We strongly believe in encouraging investment habits among all citizens and ChhotaNivesh (CN) is an outcome of that belief system only. The app is an easy-to-use, secure and smart platform that is for everyone as there is no limit set for investment amount. We also realized that many investors miss out on investment opportunities due to a lack of knowing the English language. Hence, we decided to make this app available in 11 Indian languages in addition to Hindi and English. Unlike trading, there is no guessing or speculation involved which makes it even more lucrative.