Ad-Tech Start-up Globale Media is revolutionising the way advertisers connect with users through their new technology

Globale Media

New Delhi: Globale Media is a leading mobile advertising platform driven by artificial intelligence expertise that provides the very best ROIs. With offices in Singapore, Dubai and New Delhi, Ahmedabad in India, the ad-tech start-up has been changing the conventional means of advertising with its unique innovative campaigns for advertisers in India and the APAC Region.

Harnessing the power of the ad-tech boom in India combined with the growing digital penetration, Globale Media has developed a business-to-business network that spans verticals across entertainment, social media, e-commerce, lifestyle, news, and more. In a nutshell, the platform is dedicated to helping advertisers deliver greater customer satisfaction. Thriving in this non-traditional advertising space, Globale Media has maximized revenues for advertisers through app recommendation engines, targeted ad campaigns, high-quality OEM placements, guaranteed 0% fraud rate, and accurate performance monitoring.

One of the key tools by which Globale Media is helping advertisers to gain more performance is their recently launched premium proprietary product called Keyboard Search Ads in Mobile Phones. The USP of Keyboard Ads is intent-based targeting. It is exclusive ownership on a premium search ad inventory of all new mobile devices, which is pre-installed. Differing from other OEM inventories, it is an additional user acquisition model that is high intent-driven and drives users to your apps based on keyword search recommendations on the Keyboard available on all phones.

Globale Media’s unique Keyboard placement has been active on 100 Million+ devices to date and has an MAU estimate of 20 Million+ users. This product has aided the ability to create impressions with users that are valued and deliver a better experience. As a result, Globale Media is delivering high user interaction post-install for their advertisers. They average 8-15% post-install engagement/rate. By being able to tap into a user during their initial search journey to direct a solution, the advertiser can gain a better turnaround of transitioning a user into a lifelong customer better.

With many leading advertisers and apps seeing greater conversion and results, Globale Media has been able to provide a meaningful difference in the mobile ad-tech space and showcasing the potential for more. Commenting on the unique ways Globale Media is maximizing revenues for its advertisers, Mr. Bhavesh Talreja, Founder and CEO shared, “We are excited to launch this product as we have already tried it with our advertisers and we are witnessing tremendous results. Mobile advertising is a space that needs continuous innovation and I am glad that Globale Media is leading from the front and trying out different ways to maximize ROI for the advertisers. Our new product is being loved by the app marketers and they are getting higher than ever post-install engagement.”

Globale Media in the past year has seen tremendous growth in business owing to the lockdown causing immediate changes in many offline and online-based companies switching, almost overnight to the mobile model. With mobile advertising spends reaching an astounding $240 Billion worldwide, the future of mobile advertising and Globale Media looks bright and continuous.

About Globale Media:

Globale Media is one of the largest AI-driven mobile advertising platforms that support advertisers aiming to reach their brand awareness and user acquisition goals. Through their direct partnerships with top OEMs, publishers, and app developers, Globale Media creates unique experiences for app marketers. They do it by ensuring 100% direct app traffic over mobile and OEMs utilizing their white-label technology that predicts app users based on their profiles. Globale Media accelerates enterprise growth by driving high-quality traffic to all major app verticals including gaming, e-commerce, lifestyle, utilities, social, education, entertainment, and others.

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