AdamEveFamily lines up a roster of digital models to bring a change in the fashion world

AdamEveFamily Models

Bangalore, August 2022: One of India’s first and foremost digital fashion platforms – AdamEveFamily has announced their foray into the steeply rising world of digital fashion with stellar design, cutting edge technology and an uncompromising stand on sustainability. This fashion tech company has lined up a full roster of digital models and collections that will bring about a change in the way the world perceives fashion. Unlike mere digital models, these hyper realistic characters created at AdamEveFamily have remarkable histories and hail from islands and landscapes lost to erosion and natural disasters – islands that have been erased due to global climatic changes and other hazards which we have directly or indirectly contributed.

AdamEveFamily have set out to change the fashion landscape in India with a sustainability-first focus through digital transformation and help brands and designers who would massively benefit from creating their own unique digital footprint in an easy and cost-effective manner. AdamEveFamily works as a bridge between the real world and the metaverse – the melting pot of digital and analogue sensibilities.

“The need to look and feel good online and offline is of great consideration for younger generations, and the possibility of executing it in a way that is sustainable, without compromising the world’s finite resources has been the spine of our R&D, and subsequently product & service range that AdamEveFamily is poised to bring to the rapidly changing landscape of fashion”, says Jeff Emmanuel, co-founder & CEO, AdamEveFamily.

“Through our roster of models, all completely digital, AdamEveFamily is incepting a distinct universe of assets that will become 3D ambassadors and influencers for brands that offer real tangible value – like cost optimisation, improved profitability, faster turnaround, better collaborations, and seamlessly interchangeable tech-first systems while being morally responsible too reducing carbon footprint. From big data organisations to fashion-first companies and start-ups, artists and designers – our offerings will provide a direct plug-in to the metaverse while unlocking a larger market share and profitability model” says Kesava Senapathi, co-founder & COO, AdamEveFamily. 

“At AdamEveFamily, innovation is a core value that we look to keep at the forefront of everything we do and the metaverse is a promising digital world. It is disruptive technology that will radically change business operations across organizations. We definitely see the light and are sure that the digital revolution is well on its way,” adds Jeff.

With ethnic, social & gender diversity and fluidity being key consideration factors for their roster of digital models and influencers, AdamEveFamily give us a sneak peek into what their digital ambassador ecosystem looks like, introducing RaroEve and KumarAdam – just two of their rapidly expanding pool of digital personas, each with their own unique backstory and history.

Technology is breaking down the doors of the fashion industry and seeping into every element of what was a very traditional business model. By creating digital-first assets with a solid technology platform as base, it is the belief and vision of AdamEveFamily to reduce the carbon footprint that the fashion industry has been continually adding to the world and climate.