Airmeet Integrates with Leading Business Applications to Empower Customers with Actionable Insights and Increased ROI

Airmeet Integrates with Leading Business Applications to Empower Customers with Actionable Insights and Increased ROI

India: Airmeet, a near-to-real, exceptionally engaging virtual events platform, integrates with prominent, customer-favorite applications to provide actionable insights to organisers and sponsors who can prove return on investment from their event-related budgets.

With virtual events getting more attention and budget enterprises and associations are looking for robust, yet flexible and extensible platforms to support and scale their events end-to-end. With this as top priority, Airmeet has grown to become a more powerful platform to host events end-to-end, from creating landing pages for event registrations to nurturing leads from events to closure. This way, these critical integrations provide a holistic 360 degree experience to organizers by connecting with relevant business apps.

Airmeet has integrated with Eventbrite to help organizers boost registrations via customized landing pages and email campaigns. In order to maximize event attendance, it integrates with marketing automation applications like Marketo and Mailchimp to deliver customized email campaigns and conversations. Airmeet truly breaks the geo and the language barriers by integrating with Interprefy to translate the live sessions in real time to ensure that audiences from across the globe can enjoy the event. At the end of the day, events are for brand awareness, and quality lead and revenue generation for businesses. Airmeet integrates with CRMs such as Hubspot and Salesforce to sync leads and push them to sales funnels for revenue generation.

Airmeet gives more power to its users by integrating with Zapier, which gives users great flexibility to integrate with more than 3000 applications of their choice. Airmeet’s open APIs are also available for users to integrate with a product of their choice, to make their events fulfilling.

Talking about these integrations, Vikas Reddy, VP of Product at Airmeet said, “Airmeet events help brands gain deeper insights and achieve accelerated outcomes through tight and meaningful integrations. We want to empower our customers to leverage the intelligence gained through events across their tech stack. We are continuously working with our customers to add more and deeper integrations.”