Amway scales up digital capabilities to support its direct sellers and their consumers

mway India eyes INR 100 crores from its Traditional Herb Nutrition Category

Amway India, one of the country’s leading FMCG direct selling companies has embarked on a digital transformation journey. Aligned with some of the biggest global trends, Amway’s multi-year growth strategy includes unleashing entrepreneurship through social commerce – a next-generation trend that will reshape the future of commerce.

Digital is the most heavily invested function at Amway and as part of its digital transformation journey, the company has announced an investment of INR 150 crore in India to boost manufacturing automation, home delivery and to strengthen its digital capabilities. With this investment, Amway India aims to improve its reach and offer an unparalleled user experience to its direct sellers and their consumers.

Commenting on the accelerated digitization of business, Mr. Anshu Budhraja, CEO, Amway India said, “As a part of Amway’s 10-year growth vision, we had begun integrating offline-to-online (O2O), earlier this year, to drive targeted results. The on-going global pandemic has proved to be a catalyst for a smooth transition of our business from hi-touch to hi-tech. It has also given rise to new behaviour and consumption habits like online shopping, social campaigns and engagement through social communities paving the way for continued digital transformation at every level.

In fact, research shows that 18% of the population has tried Social Media or Online community engagement for the first time. Many of our direct sellers at Amway too have built vibrant social communities, delivering personalized product experiences by integrating their offline connection to the online network through virtual sessions and online consultations.

All of this is being powered by innovative social and digital tools to help our direct sellers reach their consumers more efficiently, and considering digital has the lion’s share of our investments, we have also revamped our website to make the online shopping experience simple and seamless. With these recent outlays, we aim to enhance our direct sellers’ and their consumers’ experience along with partnerships with other platforms. We will continue to bolster our digital capabilities for ensuring efficient business functioning”.

In line with the Government of India’s ‘Digital India’ initiative, Amway has been strategically investing in building its digital capabilities and strengthening its online presence to enhance distributors’ productivity, improve customer engagement and product accessibility. Riding on the wave of the global megatrend, Amway globally, including in India, is in the process of integrating offline-to-online (O2O) to digitally support & enable its direct sellers to create communities unleashing the opportunity to build their business on social platforms around their passion for adventure, fitness, beauty or cooking.

Commenting on the recent digital initiatives, Priya Dar, Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation said, “O2O – offline to online is the goal of all digital initiatives for Amway India and want to see the majority of our sales happening through digital. With India becoming a mobile-first market, social platforms have turned into powerful discovery and leveraging this opportunity, we recently launched a mobile app to take online shopping on-the-go for our direct sellers.

This app enables visibility to the direct sellers into their business along with buying experience and has received an overwhelming response with over 100,000 downloads in just 30 days. We also recently launched our chatbot “Myra” which is a 24*7 virtual assistant to address direct seller and customer queries. These digital initiatives are a part of Amway India’s offline to online transition, aligned with its goal to shift the majority of sales to its online platform. Going forward, we want to introduce more experiential initiatives that will make it easier for customers to engage with us and make their purchase faster”.

Recently, Amway has also undertaken several measures to constantly upskill its direct sellers through continued engagement via online training modules. The organization has conducted over 6000 online training programs across regions over the last few months, reaching over 9 lakh direct sellers and consumers, and is also working with local and global training partners to create more such impactful training sessions. Riding high on the global megatrend, Amway is forging its path towards robust growth in India through digital transformation.