AnalytixLabs on a Mission to Bridge the Skill Gap in Data Science

AnalytixLabs on a Mission to Bridge the Skill Gap in Data Science

In the untangled world of uncertain market dynamics, data is the only thing on which enterprise ecosystems run. Whether it is about analyzing buyer personas or demarcating the boundaries of market trends, data science is the only route that can pave the way to predict. Industry verticals all across the globe are leveraging the power of data, and so can you with comprehensive data science courses from AnalytixLabs. The future of big data science is here at AnalytixLabs!

With the radically evolving industry changes, data science has become a gigantic field for individuals and organizations. Data science has become incumbent with various analysis fields such as predictive analysis, data mining, and many more. AnalytixLabs aims to recognize the unparalleled significance of data and create opportunities for the student who wants to leverage the power of data to shape their career.

Rising demand for the skillset

The scope of data science is massive in a bewildering range of fields as enterprises are recruiting data scientists to leverage their sales using data. Only structured, orchestrated data has value. Siloed databases are of no use, but when data scientists bring together ideas and strategies to comprehend and dissect siloed databases, they can come up with a meaningful database.

Data has become an imperative asset for pivoting the convergence of sales and marketing, so data science is in demand. Ranging from shortening the sales pipeline through buyer insights to generating leads for more ROI, data scientists read and analyze databases. They churn vast amounts of data to explore patterns and behaviors from the industry perspective.

The current skill gap in the market

Data is used across different verticals from banking and transport to manufacturing. About 83% of businesses report a shortage of data scientists for industry analysis. Data scientists need a diverse range of skillsets that involve:

● Collecting data sets
● Cleaning and organizing data
● Mining data for patterns
● Refining algorithms
● Whitespace discovery, and more

They have to create visualizations and identify business problems that need to be solved with analytics. However, the skill gap is evident as individuals don’t opt for a professional training program before jumping into conducting data analysis.

How AL can help with hands-on training

Since the day of inception on 11th June 2011, AnalytixLabs has been laser-focused on visualizing the future of data. Starting from Whitespace discovery to Business Analytics and Applied AI & ML, our data science programs are based on the ramifications of data on the diverse industry domains. We offer:
● Experienced faculty members who have an exceptional track record with years of analytics experience.
● Industry-appropriate programs that are up-to-date and relevant according to the industry trends.
● Personal, one-on-one attention to each of our students through our small-batch programs.
● Flexible course formats from which students can pick their classroom boot camps, e-learning sessions or live classes depending on their preferences.
● Data science programs are led by instructors who balance theoretical and practical learning for a job-oriented approach.
● Placement guidance so that our students can network, land high-paying jobs and get placed in their dream company.

Data Science Specializations that we offer

Data science is utilized in many industries, for marketing optimization, online and offline retails, Banking, Finance and Insurance. The umbrella of data science encompasses many areas therein. Some of them are exclusively included in our data science programs, which are developed in collaboration with IBM. These include:

● Data Visualization & Analytics
● Statistical Analysis& Predictive Modelling
● Business Analytics with R & Python
● Applied AI & Machine Learning
● Big Data Engineering
● Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Today the data science field is larger than ever. A burgeoning number of individuals are undertaking data science programs to head-start a rewarding or upskilling for faster career progression. Be a part of the eternal pursuit of high-quality data, and welcome to the future of data science with our job-oriented data science courses.

The data science unicorns live at AnalytixLabs

With a highly committed approach that delivers value to our students, all our data science programs are focused on pragmatic applications. While organizations are scrambling to meddle with petabytes of data, our data science programs can teach you to analyze data and develop data science solutions and add business value. Get in touch with us, enroll in our data science programs and indulge in the intricacies of data science while securing a bright future for you in the data-driven world!