Anil Uzun Calls for Action on Climate Change and Why We Need to Act Now

London, United Kingdom : Anil Uzun is a long time traveller and a climate warrior and he has been travelling around the world for many years. He has witnessed how the climate has changed and wants to take action and tell the people all about what is happening.

In the meeting, he will talk about the irrevocable results of climate change.

During the meeting he will have guests that are experts on global warming that will talk about climate changers such as black carbon, methane, hydrofluorocarbons and tropospheric ozone. They will talk about air quality, food, and water safety.

Economists and health experts will also contribute to the meeting by talking about the effects of climate change on public health, agriculture, ecosystems and the overall welfare of countries.

The meeting will point out the measures to take and new technologies that support the measures to stop climate change. The experts will talk about how countries and corporations are slow to adopt good technologies such as renewable energies.

Anil Uzun says, “Global warming affects a lot of aspects of our lives. One of the effects is on our health.” In the meeting, the experts and moderator Anil Uzun himself will talk about the heat aggravated illnesses and how in many countries climate change decreases the access to safe water and food and increases vector borne diseases. “If we act now we can slow the rate of warming and lower public health risks. The pollution in air is also one of the causes for premature deaths each year,” says Anil Uzun.

Anil Uzun wants everyone to attend the meeting.

“To stop climate change, we must act now” will be held on January, 28, 2021 at 03.00 pm.