Aretha Capital Partners launches new Portugal Venture Capital Fund

Aretha Capital Partners, a UK-based real estate investment firm, are pleased to announce the launch of their second European fund, Aretha Portugal Vision Fund FCR. The fund is regulated by the CMVM (the Portuguese Securities Market Commission) and will start accepting subscriptions from 1st July 2021. Investments in this Fund shall also qualify for Portugal Golden Visa.

The Fund’s investment strategy leverages our stakeholders’ deep experience and knowledge in deal origination, investment, and asset management in Europe, especially in Sale & Leaseback and Opportunistic Development. The Fund welcomes global investors for investing exclusively in the acquisition of interests in this Portuguese Fund, allowing investors to benefit from (i) profits from returns and capital appreciation of investments and; (ii) the Golden Visa Program established in Portugal.

Portugal’s Golden Visa Program launched in 2012 is one of the most popular, Golden Visa programs in Europe. This visa provides a hassle-free way to become a permanent resident in Portugal and provides a path to citizenship, with a one-time investment of 350 thousand Euros in a regulated VCF under the local AIF laws established by the CMVM. With a minimum annual stay of seven days, the program extends residence rights to the investor’s spouse, minor children, unmarried and dependent major children up to 25 years of age (if in full time education), parents of applicant and spouse under the family reunification law. Since the program was launched, over 5.8 billion Euros have been invested in Portugal by over 9700 investors. However, the program expires on 31st December 2021 in its current format. New laws effective 1st Jan 2022, increase investor’s subscription threshold from the current 350 thousand Euros to 500 thousand Euros.

Aretha’s Portugal Vision Fund is one of the first institution grade investment vehicle and is not affiliated with any local developer. The investment process is based on rigorous due diligence and merits, Talking about this significant announcement, Ashish Saraff, Founder & CEO of Aretha Capital Partners said, “Portugal offers financially viable real estate and other investment opportunities, good connections to European countries, tax incentives and much more. Thus, with the launch of this Fund we intend to bring in a unique investment proposition for investors who would like to invest in high quality assets in Portugal and get access to Permanent Residence in Europe. We already have several deals lined up which are uniquely positioned to favour investors a handsome IRR.”

He added, “Bearing in mind that the investment threshold changes on 1st January 2022 by law, this Fund will help investors fasten the process to a European residency.”

Being a citizen of European Union eventually, offers a plethora of benefits – mobility and access to study, work and settle anywhere in the EU, citizenship status, right to vote and even be a candidate in local elections. Besides this, when travelling outside the EU, one can seek assistance of an embassy or consulate of any EU country, not just Portugal.

The Fund has appointed Cedrus Capital as the External Manager, Banco Carregosa as the Custodian/Depositary and KPMG Portugal as Auditor.

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