As ISFC plans technology overhaul, Khizar Momin comes at the helm as Chief Technology officer

As ISFC plans technology overhaul, Khizar Momin comes at the helm as Chief Technology officer
Khizar Momin_CTO_ISFC

New Delhi: As it drives across-the-board technological transformation, education sector lender Indian School Finance Company (ISFC) has appointed Khizar Momin as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Mr. Momin will now lead the transformation by stitching together the complex financial ecosystem of schools, end-consumers, partners, and employees at ISFC. This is the second C-level induction at ISFC this year – following close on the heels of Mr. Hari Padmanabhan agreeing to join as Independent Director – to support the company’s ongoing tech transformation.

The development comes as a part of ISFC’s broader strategy to double its partner schools and disburse more than $300 million in the next three years. To meet its growth aspirations, the business model of ISFC demands heavy use of digital and cutting-edge technologies. The company’s technological influx will also add to its sustainability and credit assessment methodology, thereby decreasing the cost of credit at the same time.

It makes Khizar Momin’s more than two decades of hands-on experience in creating and developing IT infrastructures invaluable for the digital lender. He has led many digital and technology transformations, built enterprise-class IT systems, modernized the technology infrastructure, and helped organizations implement security standards like PCI DSS. He has implemented ITeS systems across diverse industries including NBFCs, Credit Cards, Auto manufacturing, and IT services.

Speaking on the development, Sandeep Wirkhare, MD & CEO, ISFC said, “We are delighted to have Khizar on board as the CTO of the company. The journey of ISFC from here on is going to take a digital turnaround. In this context, Khizar brings with him a dynamic industry experience of high-quality Digital Transformation to the table. He will optimize the project timelines and provide direction to the team for superior effectiveness.”

Khizar Momin, CTO, ISFC said, “Today, ISFC is rapidly expanding its business footprint with its foray into new geographies and product portfolio diversification. I would like to thank the board for trusting me with one of the company’s most critical projects, i.e. digital transformation, during such a crucial juncture. I look forward to creating the desired synergies with all stakeholders including employees, partners, schools, and our end-customers via forward-looking digital initiatives.”

Khizar is known for taking on the weak applications, systems, and IT operations and turning them into high-performing and sustainable models through standardization. He believes in innovations, consistent improvements, and variable cost models for IT, and creating IT teams that are equally skilled in business as well as technology. Previously, he held leadership positions across American Express, Bajaj Auto, Bajaj Finserv, and Cox & Kings Financial Service alongside others, wherein Khizar created and implemented digital strategies and technology roadmaps with finesse.