ASelflessWishforNewYear Campaign on Christmas and New Year Launched by Max Healthcare

Christmas is a festival when wishes are made, gifts are exchanged, and happiness is shared. On this occasion, Max Healthcare, one of the leading healthcare providers in North India, took a different approach to this gifting tradition with their campaign – #ASelflessWishforNewYear – a wish for someone else, someone who’s waiting for a miracle to happen. The campaign introduces a 2-minute upbeat acapella music video based on a popular Christmas carol to reach out to people and encourages them to pledge to become an organ donor and give the gift of life to those in waiting.

Organ donation remains an issue especially in Northern India, plagued with multiple perspectives and myths, and extreme shortage of donors. The country has a dismal 0.65 per million population (PMP) Organ Donation Rate and there is a dire need for awareness and more donors. Experts feel that if the donation rate reaches a 2.0 per million population, then India would be able to meet all current demands for organs. In fact there will be no necessity to undertake living kidney donations.

Talking about the campaign, Mr. Mohan Menon, Vice President, Head- Marketing & Digital, Max Healthcare said, “As per an Organ India report, there’s a need of 200,000 kidneys, 50,000 livers and 50,000 hearts in the country. And Organ Donation, despite so much effort of creating awareness, is still shrouded in myths and misgivings. Christmas is the time for wishes coming true and gifts being shared. We thought that through the #ASelflessWishforNewYear Campaign, we could bring light to this important issue and get more people to participate in pledging their organs.” The campaign includes an online video, radio promotion and on-ground activations to reach more people to pledge for the cause. Max Healthcare partnered with Mohan Foundation, a non-profit organization, to create awareness and register pledges. The Campaign has been designed and executed by Dentsu Impact, a creative agency based in Gurgaon.


Max Healthcare runs a very successful Liver Transplant, Heart Transplant, Kidney Transplant and Lung Transplant programme is its various hospitals across North India.