ASUS India launches its second Select Store in Kolkata

Kolkata, 21  September 2023: With the success of ASUS India’s first ‘Select Store’ in Delhi, the company today announced the launch of its second ‘Select Store’ in Kolkata. Aimed at extending an avenue to its potential customers to purchase high-quality refurbished ASUS PCs, the Select Store will display an exhaustive range of products including consumer laptops, gaming PCs, creator series laptops, desktops, amongst other ASUS products.

The products displayed have undergone a series of multi-check point inspection and have been thoroughly tested, restored, and certified by ASUS to meet similar standards to that of a brand-new product. The company also offers a 1-year company warranty for the products.

Commenting on the launch of ASUS Select Store in Kolkata, Peter Chang, General Manager – Asia Pacific – System Business at ASUS “The inception of Select Store is another feat from ASUS to promote sustainable practices across the segment. We have been actively working towards introducing state-of-the-art technology to bring in more sustainable practices that are aiding in significantly reducing the carbon footprint, actively integrating eco-friendly packaging in addition to collaborating with recycling companies to ensure proper disposal of e-waste. ASUS envisions to be a business that is responsible towards its customers and pioneer in instituting practices that reduces strain on the environment.”

“The response from Delhi’s Select Store encouraged us to increase the store’s footprint in the country. In 2023, we are aiming to open more Select Stores and are elated to announce the launch of a second Select Store in Kolkata.”

Arnold Su, Business Head, Consumer and Gaming PC, System Business Group, ASUS India shared, “While companies are navigating towards sales driven solely through online channels, we at ASUS understand that the retail stores are equally important for a customer acquisition and sales strategy. By giving them an avenue to experience the products, we have noticed the rate of conversion of potential sales at a high.”

“Foreseeing a spurt in the refurbished electronics segment in India, we introduced the concept of ASUS Select Stores. We understood that the consumers are looking for products that have undergone robust checks to ensure that they are extended with premium quality laptops and PCs. The idea behind the launch of ASUS Select Store was envisioned to support the Indian refurbished electronics market, institutionalize the segment by bringing in multi-check points, bring in quality products that are as good as brand-new products at 20-30% lesser cost and 1 year company warranty.”

Located at Kolkata, the Select Stores are designed in a manner that extends modern design with a comfortable layout that prompts consumers to browse and explore the wide variety of refurbished ASUS products presented. The stores also employ highly trained ASUS representatives who understand customer’s requirements,  suggest products, share in-depth information about the products as well as detail out the multi-level checks that the product has undergone.

Furthering the company’s vision to reduce e-waste, The ASUS Select Stores marks a notable advancement towards a more sustainable future by providing customers with the opportunity to purchase high-quality products at affordable prices. Utilizing the latest technological innovations, the company actively drives sustainability throughout its processes. This includes various environmentally conscious initiatives like decreasing carbon footprint, adopting eco-friendly packaging, and partnering with recycling firms to ensure responsible disposal of electronic waste.

Store Address:  1st Floor ,C R Avenue,E-mall ,Shop No- 116 & 117 Kolkata -72, West Bengal