Basant Goel, Owner of Goel Medicos organizing a Social Development Campaign for Girls on the occasion of National Girl Child Day 2022

Basant Goel, owner of Goel Medicos who makes headlines every now and then for his charity work is yet again making headlines for his new initiative social development campaign on National Girl Child Day.

On the occasion of the arriving National Girl Child Day which falls on the 24th of January, Basant Goel, owner of Goel Medicos is organizing a Social Development Campaign for girls where he and his team will be providing sanitary napkins to over girls up to the age of 21. Keeping in mind the winter breeze in the country’s capital, he will also be providing warm clothes to its citizens.

Apart from these, he will be fulfilling other essential requirements such as providing immunity booster capsules, medicine for cough & flu, and distributing books & notebooks to girls and their guardians.

The drive will be carried out with a novel thought of promoting the achievements that girls are contributing to the nation. The event will take place on the 23rd of January in the Shahadra region of New Delhi and will be accompanied by many local enthusiasts.

In the words of Basant Goel, he said, “Girls contribute so much to the nation, and unfortunately they remain unsung. Females can do many things better than males and they can achieve the impossible. Since we are all given birth by a female, on the 24th which is National Girl Child Day of the year 2022, I would like to contribute a token of gratitude towards the female of our country.