Beardo Unveils a Scintillating New Campaign with Yash

Yash Image 2

Leading men’s grooming brand announced a stylish new campaign titled “For Beardos Only”, with Yash.

Keeping with their consistent tonality, the new campaign underscores the traits of a BEARDO – sophisticated style, confident personality, killer looks and cut above everyone else. The campaign celebrates the aura of men who choose to support, shape and care for a beard. Yash in his larger–than–life person, both on-screen & off it, brings it to life with his trademark charm.

Sujot Malhotra, CEO, Beardo said, “We’re a brand built on consistency – not just of positioning. but also, of genuine long-term endorsement. Yash and Beardo have been synonymous with each other since 2019 – the first time when Yash came on board, as a user first & an endorser later. We as a company take pride in celebrating the charm of masculinity & especially of those who take the effort to shape and groom a beard – who better than Yash to partner with towards the same.”

Talking about his partnership, Yash said, “Keeping with the ethos of the brand, “For Beardos only” hails Beards as a celebration of masculine charm and urges men to flaunt their mane. Working with the team at Beardo is always fun – we had a lovely time shooting “For Beardos only” & I look forward to consumers having as much fun watching the films.”