Being Vocal for Local: Eco-friendly Cleaners of The Better Home Ensure Availability of Clean Drinking Water

The Better Home
The Better Home

The rapidly-spreading pandemic has attached a greater degree of importance to the mundane chore called home cleaning. However, the chemical-based cleaning agents cause harm to the environment, especially water bodies. The Better Home, India’s premium sustainable and direct-to-consumer enterprise, emphasizes on the use of locally-made, earth-friendly cleaners that are as effective as the corrosive ones to ensure availability of fresh and clean water suitable for drinking.

“Corrosive and chemical-based cleaning agents such as laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid or bar, and floor and toilet cleaners are used in every household on a daily basis. On average, every day, urban households in India release 21.6 billion liters of water laden with ethanolamine, phosphates, sulfates, chlorine, and ammonia, to mention a few. Our resistance to opt for eco-friendly products is mainly due to the barriers in our mind – it has been systematically fed into our minds over the years that anything that does not burn the surface or make eyes teary is not good enough. That is not true – effective cleaners can be made out of naturally-derived ingredients, comprising active microbes, plant-based surfactants, and enzymes. It will reduce the pollution of water bodies as compared to what is caused by conventional cleaners and will contribute to the availability of more clean water suitable for drinking” says Dhimant Parekh, Founder & CEO, The Better Home.

The eco-conscious startup offering sustainable home-care solutions was incepted earlier this year and acknowledges its customers’ contribution that helped prevent 8 million liters of contaminated water flowing into the water bodies. They also work with local Indian MSMEs, and in a time when we are all looking to support our economy and businesses, this is an added bonus!

“According to the independent reports, 75-80 percent of water pollution by volume is from domestic sewerage, and untreated sewage flowing into water bodies has almost doubled in the past decade. An urgent behavioural change by shifting towards the use of sustainable cleaning products can have a telling impact on the environment. The customers of The Better Home have proven this – in a short span of fewer than six months, they have collectively prevented 8 million liters of contaminated water from flowing into the water bodies. We have also engaged MSMEs from all over India to help us create these products which are safe for children and pets as well,” says Anuradha Kedia, Co-Founder, The Better Home.

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