Best Agrolife Ltd Announces Launch of Under Patent ‘Nemagen’ Following FIM Registration

Mumbai, June 19th, 2024: Best Agrolife Ltd, a leading manufacturer of specialty and patented agrochemicals in India, has received the 9(3) Formulation Indigenous Manufacture (FIM) registration for yet another under-patent formulation. The company is gearing up to launch this product in July under the brand name ‘Nemagen’.

In recent years, lepidopteran pests have expanded their host range and developed resistance to existing pesticides. Consequently, these pests have caused 30-50% crop damage and substantial economic losses, highlighting an urgent need for advanced insecticide solutions.

Nemagen, a highly effective broad-spectrum insecticide, is formulated with a unique combination of Chlorantraniliprole, Novaluron, and Emamectin Benzoate. This powerful blend offers exceptional control over a wide array of pests, particularly targeting lepidopteran pests such as shoot and fruit borers, and also proving effective against Coleoptera and Diptera pests.

With the expansion of lepidopteran pests causing significant crop damage, Nemagen addresses a critical need in the agricultural market, promising substantial demand. The market size for this segment is approximately ₹6300 crores and Best Agrolife will capture a share of ₹500 crores out of it in the first two years. Its versatility allows for application at various stages of crop growth, making it suitable for use on vegetables, field crops, fruit crops, and pulses.

The launch of Nemagen is a strategic move by Best Agrolife Group to enhance its portfolio of specialty agrochemicals, positioning the company for future revenue growth. Nemagen’s low toxicity profile promotes sustainable farming practices, aligning with global trends toward environment-friendly agricultural solutions.

The proprietary blend of active ingredients in Nemagen underscores Best Agrolife Group’s dedication to innovation, addressing the evolving needs of modern agriculture. In addition to Nemagen, the company offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions, including Warden Extra, Orisulam, and Tricolor.