Bhartiya City marks 8 Years of business in the Industry

central park

27/07/2020, New Delhi: Bhartiya Business Group- One of India’s largest Business groups, marks Bhartiya City’s’ 8 years of completion this month. Driven by a vision and imagination to design a wholesome life experience, the Company embarked on the creation and development of Bhartiya City, ‘City of Joy’ in the year 2012. On achieving this milestone, the company appreciates and acknowledges the efforts of its dedicated employees and loyal clients.

Located in Bangalore, Bhartiya City is an urban development situated around the vibrant city centre where 200,000 people have been living, working and spreading happiness. The city is built on 17 million acres square feet in the fastest-growing region of North Bangalore. It has brought together architects and urban planners of international repute like Perkins Eastman of New York, Cox of Sydney, BDP Khandekar of Amsterdam for master planning, Broadway Malayan of the U.K. for residential, retail and hotel, and Edifice of Mumbai for the IT Park. Over the years, Bhartiya City has partnered and worked with forward-thinking people to elevate their customer and employee focus, enhance their reputations, and reap substantial business benefits. Since its inception, Mr Snehdeep Aggarwal has believed in activities and businesses with the social component where Bhartiya can impact society for a better world. He strongly supports impact and wealth creation to co-exist.

Mr_Snehdeep_Aggarwal.jpgOn attaining 8 years of success in business, Mr Snehdeep Aggarwal, Chairman, Bhartiya Group said, “The Bhartiya City team is comprised of dedicated professionals who know every inch of this city just as well as the unique role they play within it. Skilled and knowledgeable with countless years of experience in each of their individual areas, our team are committed to creating a smart city that’s a cut above the rest, capable of delivering a new way of life in India. It took six years for our team of architects and master planners to design this city. Now each and every member of our executive team is ready to drive Bhartiya City into the next chapter as it comes to life.”

Bhartiya City is a project being built with a vision to design and develop a modern, beautiful and intelligent urban destination, which would enhance the quality of life for people in urban India.” added, Mr. Aggarwal

The Bhartiya City has been appreciated with the MIPIM Asia Awards in its Best Futura Mega Project category in the Asia Pacific Region which made it the first Indian developer to receive the prestigious international recognition.

Bhartiya City is working on the retail convention centre and the first Leela hotel which is due to open in 2020. It’s a city designed where you can walk, cycle and a public realm which supports a good life. A centre for Performing Arts in a beautiful Central Park is a place for social concerts and community interactions. Bhartiya City has already developed 11 million sq ft of mixed asset property and is targeting to develop a total of 20 million sq. ft in this township. It’s a city designed where you can walk, cycle and a public realm which supports a good life. A centre for Performing Arts in a beautiful Central Park is a place for social concerts and community interactions.

Bhartiya City has key segments which will be ready in the coming years, are as follows:

Nikoo Homes: It was the founders’ vision that led to Nikoo Homes being the first branded residential project in the country with a focus on Family, Community, Culture, Health and Learning. The focus is to build communities and giving families a chance to live a better life. Over 2400 Nikoo homes have been handed over to proud homeowners. Another 2200 homes of Nikoo 2 are in the delivery stage and an additional 2500 homes of Nikoo 4 are on the drawing board to be launched in Nov-Dec 2020.
BCIT (Bhartiya Centre for Information Technology): BCIT is the IT Park at Bhartiya City: Phase 1 is complete and occupied by tenants like IBM, Infosys, Maersk, to name a few. BCIT houses impressive architecture workplaces set within an urban park that is landscaped with trees and water gardens. Striking a balance between a business-like environment for corporates and a relaxing retreat for employees.

Chaman Bhartiya School: Chaman Bhartiya school is a K12 private educational institution that will offer the national and international curriculum. ‘Makers of Leaders’ is the core philosophy of the School. In its first academic year, starting June 2020, the school will offer admission from Pre-school to Grade V. The school is South India’s first school-based on Lego Education methodology and has a complete learning ecosystem developed in association with Apple Solution Expert for Education (Creative Infotech). It is also an exclusive member of the Global School Alliance. Apart from strong collaborative partnerships with Lego, Apple and Global Schools Alliance, a key differentiator for Chaman Bhartiya School is its unique ‘WE LEAD’ curriculum which merges academic excellence with development of leadership skills and 21st-century competencies.

BHARTIYA CITY CENTRE: The Bhartiya city centre has built in a way that it’s going to be the culture and trade hub for Bengaluru city. It will provide a healthy mix of F&B, entertainment, education centres, services for families and event spaces – in addition to the traditional retail shops which will make up a large portion of the tenants. The City Centre features a Shopping Centre, High Street, Ramblas- the indoor-outdoor concept, a Convention Centre, Cinema, Celebration Square, Center for Performing Arts and Leela Hotel. Spreading across 7.5 lac sq. ft, featuring over 150 global brands, the Bhartiya City Centre will provide an experience where arts, culture, shopping, retail and entertainment will converge bringing thousands of people together from in and around Bangalore city.

“Happiness is in the little things. Happiness isn’t momentary, it’s a state of being. Happiness is not an island. The more you are surrounded by happy people, the greater your chances of being happy.” expressed Mr Snehdeep Aggarwal