Blockchain, Machine Learning has diversified the job scenario in India, feel educational advocates

As an emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain have become the pre-requisite norm at major IT firms. Leading educational advocates Dr. Amit Goswami, Theoretical Quantum Physicist, Former Professor, Theoretical physics, University of Oregon, USA, Mr. Parag Diwan, Chief Executive Officer, and Dr. Pankaj Gupta, President IIHMR University at the two days leadership sessions opined that acquiring skills in digital technologies and applications such as cloud, big data, machine learning, full-stack, cybersecurity, digital marketing and more have broadened the job market.

On the day two of the elaborative ‘Leadership Series’ organized by IIHMR University; Dr. Amit Goswami spoke at length about the importance of ‘Leadership Program Developments’. Dr. Goswami shared how new technological developments have opened the doors of well-paid jobs in the IT sector. He said, “In case of jobs, the lower level has been decreasing and it is all because of new technological developments, but higher levels jobs are creating.” Citing an example, he went on to say that Infosys used to recruit 1 lakh students per year for B-Tech, computer science, now it has decreased to Rs 30-40k because the entry-level jobs have now vanished because of new technological developments. Now companies like TCS or Infosys giving Rs 6-8L per annum, but you must know the machine learning, Blockchain among others.

Dr. Pankaj Gupta, President IIHMR University, said that digital transformation is transforming every sector be it healthcare or education. “Given the pace at which digital transformation is becoming the main component of business strategies, 2020  will be a crucial year for working professionals to acquire skills in digital technologies and applications such as cloud, big data, machine learning, full-stack, cybersecurity, digital marketing and more. The global awareness on the need to up-skill has enabled professionals to move out of their comfort zone and invest in continuous learning to remain relevant in today’s competitive digital work age.

Mr. Parag Diwan, Chief Executive Officer, Paradigm Consultants & Resource Management Pvt. Ltd said that universities and colleges should mould their curriculum according to the job market scenario. He further added “Online learning has bridged the gap between students and teachers. I have always believed in multi-faculty grooming for students from knowledge and communication aspect. Whatever program students have enrolled in, the university should ensure 90 percent placement. Make your programs according to the company, they will hire according to their percentage and then locate them accordingly. We have adopted a triple model. First is the plain money model, we have very strong placement teams that were stationed in Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru among other metro cities. Second is, we have created an MFR (Most Favourite Recruiter) model. Third is, customized batches,” he added.

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