Brands helping millennial to maximize their income

Coronavirus pandemic continues to trouble the lives of Indian citizens as they live in isolation, locked up inside their homes, waiting for the situation to get better. To curb a potential outbreak the government and health experts advise people to stay at home as much as possible and to avoid group gatherings at all costs. Around 6.6 million white-collar professionals lost their jobs after the coronavirus lockdown, washing away all employment gains made since 2016. Among the salaried class, industrial workers lost 5 million jobs, as per the data from the private think tank Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE). To overcome the situation there are brands helping professionals to not just cope up with their job loss but also maximize their income.

Instagram – Become an Influencer, Partnering with influencers gives brands an opportunity to flout their products or services to a highly-targeted and interested audience. To become an influencer, you need to cultivate a large, engaged follower base that considers you an expert in, and respects your opinions on, a niche. If this holds true for your Instagram account, you can earn money through sponsored posts from brands who want to engage with your followers.

Admitad India – Admitad India is a global affiliate network that brings publishers and advertisers together on one platform and helps them cooperate. Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your blog or website, but it can also generate income from your social media channels. Admitad India helps millennials including Influencer, bloggers, YouTubers and other content site owners to monetize their inventories even in a pandemic situation by introducing 3 different tools like Admitad Telegram Bot, Admitad Extensions (Chrome Extensions) and MoneyLink.

Shopify – A tried and true way of making money from home is by having your very own eCommerce site, thanks to solutions like Shopify the process of designing and delivering your own custom-made clothing has been streamlined and simplified. Transform your creativity into something real and profitable.

Trell – Trell, a community commerce platform is working 24*7 to create alternate earning opportunities while sitting at home. Video Pinterest of India, Trell has seen Doctors turning influencers and Guiding users towards effective methods and safety measures during the pandemic. Trell also offers work from home program to help users earn extra income during the lockdown. Trell bridges the gap between users looking for meaningful content around lifestyle inspirations and content creators or aspiring influencers who wish to create vlogs of their interests and lifestyle stories via videos and photos. Riding on the back of its thriving and passionate community, Trell aims to be the biggest lifestyle community-content-commerce platform of India.