Brands that are helping manage and safeguard finances in today’s times

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With every changing time, technological change is accelerating and is also becoming one of the most creative forces. For Businesses now, it has indeed become much more important to rely on the changed framework and upgrade their business model. For this, Financial technology companies are coming forward with new solutions and varieties of developed digital innovations. These are brands that are focused on a particular innovating technology or process in payment solutions. They are adding elements to today’s financial services value chain. People need banking services but they may not turn to a bank to get them. These Financial technology firms are proving very useful in today’s scenario to deal with managing and safeguard finances and survive in today’s uncertain times.

Wibmo: It is a leading digital payments company based in Cupertino, USA, and Bangalore, India. The company has 20+ years of experience in payment security and digital payments. It is a leading provider of critical consumer payment infrastructure in India associated with 150+ banks and a presence in 28 geographies. It is the no.1 provider of authentication services in APAC and one of India’s top 5 mobile payment providers. It is the largest provider of authentication services in India, the market leader with 68 banks as customers in India and 62 across the globe, and the first provider of frictionless authentication in India. Wibmo has built a state-of-art, large-scale, and secure operational capability that processed over a billion transactions last year. With a significant footprint in APAC, Wibmo grows its presence globally, while maintaining a strong presence in the region.

Junio: It is a first-of-its-kind digital pocket money app for children in their pre-teens and teens. Co-founded by former Paytm alumni Shankar Nath and Ankit Gera in September 2020, the aim is to enable kids to take charge of their own pocket money and savings with the help of their parents. Further, the idea is to nurture financial knowledge and discipline in them at an early age. The app allows parents to keep a track of the spending made by children as it sends an alert for every successful or failed transaction. For ATM withdrawals using Junio smart cards, the app allows setting withdrawal limits. It also gives flexibility to parents to cancel the card at any moment through the app.

RevFin: RevFin Services Private Limited is an advanced digital consumer lending platform that makes getting a loan convenient and accessible to all individuals. The fintech platform has its own NBFC to issue the loan amount using non-traditional data and the three key techniques – Biometrics, Psychometrics, and Gamification. Incepted in 2018 by Sameer Aggarwal, RevFin was established to enable financing of electric three-wheeler loans in Tier 3 and Tier 4 towns, considering that EVs were in huge demand yet highly-priced. The company targets primarily underserved individuals irrespective of any credit history, geography, education, or language.

SmartCoin: It is India’s first fully-automated next-gen Fintech company aiming to address the credit requirements of many self-employed micro-entrepreneurs, micro-merchants, and middle/lower-income salaried individuals. At SmartCoin, anyone can avail loan from Rs. 1000 – up to 25,000 with a tenure of 91 days to 120 days. Through SmartCoin, you can avail of instant repeat loans as it also improves the credit history of the customer by allowing them to get higher loans later if the initial loan is repaid on time. Customers get a bank transfer once they finish filling in all details within few hours on its app. It also offers its customers completely paperless transactions. SmartCoin also offers the Flexi-loan and repayment schedule options to its customers as well.

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