C4ISR – A Key Situational Awareness Capability Explored at Future Armoured Vehicles Situational Awareness 2021

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London, United Kingdom : Command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) have now become vital tools to maintain overmatch and achieve victory in military operations. In a recent report, the C4ISR market is forecast to quickly grow to US$ 135.80 Bn by 2027. *

One of the major contributing factors is the increasing importance of situational awareness capabilities across the military domains on the battlefield and the rise of electronic warfare.

For this reason, SMi Group’s Future Armoured Vehicles Situational Awareness conference taking place virtually on 12th and 13th April 2021 will feature key speakers discussing the importance of C4ISR as a situational awareness capability to aid armoured units to respond quickly to incoming threats.

Military and government personnel can join the conference is £299 and other delegates can join for only £999. Register online at http://www.armouredvehicles-sa.com/pr4

Presentations covering C4ISR include:

Major Joseph Needham, SO2 Land Systems, Military Advisor, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, will be presenting on “Exploring future concepts to optimize Situational Awareness for the British Army’s mechanized combat units,” discussing:

– Exploiting and adapting C4ISTAR and Situational Awareness capabilities to provide effective support in future Multi-Domain Operations
– Considering the various applications of remotely operated armoured vehicles and tethered UAS/UGV platforms from increased survivability and system redundancy to enhancing mission specific C4ISTAR and reconnaissance operations
– Enhancing and linking armoured platform and soldier situational awareness to strengthen visibility, manoeuvrability and survivability in future operations

In addition, Colonel Warren Sponsler, Chief of Staff, Next Generation Combat Vehicle CFT, US Army Futures Command, will be presenting on ‘From manned to autonomous – Expanding traditional SA capabilities to guarantee strategic overmatch for the Next Generation Combat Vehicle’, covering:

– Assessing how computer-enabled autonomy will help vehicle operators organize incoming sensor data from disparate nodes and increase performance of advanced ISR functions of different mission profiles
– How man-in-the-loop and semi-autonomous C2 technology such as the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) and Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) will have a transformative impact on future Situational Awareness and Survivability
– Creating resilient C4ISR architectures to ensure reliable system control and consistent ISR capabilities in Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) contested environments in peer-to-peer conflict

The brochure including the full speaker line-up and presentation details is available to download at http://www.armouredvehicles-sa.com/pr4

Future Armoured Vehicles Situational Awareness
12th – 13th April 2021
Virtual Conference: Online Access Only
Sponsors & Exhibitors: Lockheed Martin, Hensoldt Optronics, Galleon Embedded Computing and Petards

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