CalPro ADAS Solutions and Collabtic Announce Integration Agreement

Minneapolis, MN, August 26, 2023 –CalPro ADAS Solutions, LLC and Fieldpulse, LLC have announced an agreement whereby CalPro’s ADAS IdentiScan® product will run on the Collabtic Software Platform. CalPro’s Patented ADAS IdentiScan® is the first technology used in the ADAS identification and calibration market for the auto collision repair industry. Collabtic is a highly configurable collaboration platform which empowers organizations to increase technician productivity and first-time-fix-rates with collaboration tools and workflow automation.

The CalPro ADAS IdentiScan® product previously ran as an independent product platform which was sold directly to Collision Shops, Mobile Technicians, and Calibration Centers. By embedding the ADAS IdentiScan® into Collabtic, customers will know which vehicles need ADAS calibrations up front and can manage their entire workflow; from repair order creation to technician communication, search procedures, content and knowledge management, tech support, and mobile access—all within a single, integrated platform. The collaboration features of Collabtic allow for the easy sharing and flow of critical information across the organization and connect the execution and productivity aspects of their businesses.

“At this stage in our product and technology lifecycle we thought the best direction for the ADAS IdentiScan® product was to partner with an open software platform that had a similar vision to what we had for the ADAS IdentiScan®. This partnership gives us a single channel to manage in the Collision space while focusing our other efforts with AI and InsureTech partners looking to adopt CalPro’s patented technologies,” said Todd Balan CalPro ADAS Solutions CEO.

“We are pleased to announce the integration of CalPro’s unique solution into Collabtic. As an open enterprise platform serving the automotive industry, our goal is to provide our customers with a comprehensive and streamlined experience for their workflows. This integration further enhances our platform by expanding our customers’ product options and offering them the opportunity to leverage CalPro’s patented solution. By seamlessly integrating CalPro’s exclusive solution with Collabtic’s existing functionality, we prioritize the safety and security of our valued customers.” – Mohan Sethi, CEO and Founder of Collabtic.

The official launch of the CalPro ADAS IdentiScan® on the Collabtic Platform is expected to take place later this year. Subsequent integrations of additional technologies and partnerships will also be implemented using the open APIs of the ADAS IdentiScan® module. Customers interested in early access can sign up by registering on the contact us page at