Campus 365 Joins Hands with Actipass to Organize Masterclasses for Students

Mayank Singh, Co- Founder & CEO, Campus 365

New Delhi March 23, 2022: Campus 365 is an all-in-one School Solution Provider that has been the choice of thousands of students and schools alike when it comes to their everyday school needs. The company has cemented itself as a reliable and organized source for keeping track of students’ needs, grades, and scholarships. However, they’ve been trying to introduce the importance of extracurricular activities to aid students’ mental health journeys.

Campus 365 and Actipass have joined hands to organize an interactive meditation and yoga experience for kids between ages 5-10. The webinar is free for all to attend and will be held on 17 March 2022. Around 1000 schools and 4L students are anticipated to participate in this event. Various students all across batches from Delhi Public School, along with several other private and Kindergarten Schools Pan India are expected to join.

The team at Campus 365 firmly believes that education isn’t just about the curriculum learned, but about the activities learned, but the life lessons and soft skills gained on the field, or during the class that is invaluable for the children. To foster an environment of creativity and fun for children and help them excel in all aspects of life, Campus and Actipass want to make these webinars a weekly tradition for all kids looking to unwind.

Mayank Singh, Founder & CEO of Campus 365 said, “A lot of parents are becoming aware of the mental health and the direct correlation it has on students’ academics, but they’re also looking for mood-boosting activities that will be good for their overall wellbeing, too. We’ve been testing out several methods to assess and help children with their state of mind, mindfulness, and welfare, but while we test those modes out, we want to launch ways to connect more directly and personally with them. This also gives them a sense of personalization and people to talk to while getting in their weekly dose of extra fun.”

Kunal DedhiaFounder of Actipass said, “We wholeheartedly believe that an active child is a happy one and have been dedicated to providing kids with their dose of healthy fun and activity. It is such a joy to work with Campus 365 on our joint mission to see kids venture into a lifestyle that encourages them to take care of themselves through hobbies and activities.”

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