Chicnutrix launches #HairKaInsurance campaign with Masaba Gupta to make your hair healthier and stronger


National, 16 March 2023: Chicnutrix, India’s fastest-growing beauty and nutrition brand, has launched their #HairKaInsurance campaign along with Masaba Gupta to give your hair the love and care it deserves and protect it from any type of hair damage with Chicnutrix Bounce.

A wellness brand deeply trusted by women all over India, Chicnutrix aims to make its consumers experience beauty inside out. Having a wide variety of products catering to different beauty and nutrition needs, Chicnutrix strives to solve problems with the help of science and glamour.

Chicnutrix and Masaba, through this quirky campaign, hope to encourage women to take care of their inner and outer well-being and prioritize their nutritional needs. The #HairKaInsurance campaign focuses on how, with Chicnutrix Bounce, one can safely, effectively, and deliciously attain the hair of their dreams.

Chicnutrix Bounce has been carefully curated with a unique Hair Recovery Complex of 20 amino acids that help nourish hair with a unique formulation of Selenium and Biotin, giving you healthy and bouncy hair. Made with Swiss Effervescent technology and available in a delectable Raspberry & Mango flavor, Chicnutrix Bounce is clinically proven and dermatologist approved.

“We all strive to look good on the outside and use various products for our skin and hair health. Why not focus on beauty inside out? If you want to achieve beautiful, bouncy hair in a delicious way, Chicnutrix Bounce is just what you need! Enriched with Biotin and Selenium and a unique Hair Recovery Complex, it’s time to achieve our beauty goals with Chicnutrix in a hassle-free yet effective way”, said Masaba on the occasion of the campaign.

Masaba is widely known for her confident, unapologetic, yet charming and relatable self. Masaba and Chicnutrix have had a lasting bond since 2021. It became an essential part of her wellness journey. Now, Masaba hopes for women everywhere to embrace their authentic selves and work towards a healthier life.