Commencing the new dawn of the Indian clean beauty and skincare industry, Green And Beige lays the foundation for a spectacular outset

Green & Beige

National: Green And Beige, a personal care brand founded on the clean beauty premise, is set to transform the Indian beauty and skincare industry. Anchored on the pillars of safe, honest, efficacious, and sustainable formulations, Green And Beige has launched a bouquet of face, body, and hair care products.

Green And Beige’s approach to clean and transparent beauty is unique. To ensure that customers understand what their products contain, every product label lists ingredients in layman language and scientific terms. The brand has elevated the efficacy factor and built trust with consumers with its completely clear and honest approach.

The Green And Beige product range includes body butter, exfoliating coffee body scrub, moisturising body lotion, and soaps for dry skin, normal skin, and baby skin. Furthermore, the brand’s one-of-a-kind Armpit Mask tackles lingering body odour and reduces stubborn deodorant stains allowing your skin to finally breathe.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Liza Merin Jacob, Director & Co-Founder of Green And Beige said, “Green And Beige was founded after extensive research and experimenting, to finally create products that are harmless to humans and the planet. Our formulations will aid consumers in tackling their hair, skin and body care needs while cementing their trust in clean and honest beauty. Given the shift in consumer focus towards transparent beauty, it is the perfect time to launch our range of products, and we aim to be one of the leading 10 Indian beauty and skincare brands by 2022.”

Consumers can buy Green And Beige’s best-in-class clean beauty products from the brand website and also on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Clean Beauty Booth, and Sublime. By December this year, the brand aspires to establish a comprehensive presence across all leading e-commerce portals. Green And Beige is laying the groundwork for launching premium face care and hair care products. The brand intends to take the range international in 2022.

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